10 B2B Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Part 2

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Do you know that John Bowman, a tanner from Vermont believed that after his death, in 1891, he would be reincarnated with his pre-deceased wife and children? So, he ordered his house staff to have dinner on the table every night, just in case. They finally stopped in 1950 when the money finally dried up.

I […]

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10 B2B Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Part 1

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Mark Twain said many years ago…
“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”
We can say the same about email marketing in the B2B world.

Over the years, many “experts” buried email marketing, blaming lack of interest and the more and more heavy-handed spam laws.

But email marketing is here to stay, and the stats below prove the […]

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