Should You Remove Backlinks If You Haven’t Been Penalized

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Website owners whose websites have lost search visibility due to a penalty or Google algorithm change targeting their link profile have had to invest a lot of time and effort into cleaning their backlink profiles. The question is, if your website has not been affected by a penalty or Google algorithm change, should you leave […]

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Mythbusting: 10 SEO Myths That Need to Retire

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Whether you’re new to the idea of search engine optimization and tweaking your webpages and content in order to achieve higher search result rankings or you’re experienced enough to know your Google Pandas from your Penguins, you’ve likely come across some bad information in the past. Some individuals are misinformed about how Google’s search algorithms […]

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Why Organic Search & Content Marketing Aren’t Just for ‘Big Brands’

Inbound marketing – the process of building resources that draw in leads and prospects where they can be converted into new clients – is a relatively young form of marketing that has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. While you may have read that large brands own the content marketing space, there […]

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15 Surefire SEO Tactics That Will Earn Yourself a Google Penalty

Google, Bing and other search providers have somewhat of a singular mission: provide the best quality webpages as results when their users enter in a search query. However, for every system created there are ways to beat it, and over the years search providers have engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse with search engine optimizers […]

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How Highly Relevant Links Win In Competitive Niches

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Man and machine. Credit: NASA

What is Relevant Link Building?
To say that the art of link building has changed over the last four years would be a bold understatement. Google algorithm changes have left the common business person and webmaster confused and frustrated, often left with conflicting information about what types of links are considered natural and the types of […]

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