Why Organic Search & Content Marketing Aren’t Just for ‘Big Brands’

Inbound marketingKids Selling Content, old school outbound marketing – the process of building resources that draw in leads and prospects where they can be converted into new clients – is a relatively young form of marketing that has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. While you may have read that large brands own the content marketing space, there is more than enough room on the limitless internet for your business to carve out some space and be heard. Here are just a few points on why content marketing, inbound marketing and organic search marketing are perfect sources of lead generation for businesses large and small.

Your Blog as a Lead Generation Powerhouse

One of the traits that makes content marketing as prolific as it has been over the past number of years is the ease of use for businesses of any size. If you or your company has a website it almost certainly has some form of blog function, and if it doesn’t you need to stop what you’re doing and call us here at Riverbed Marketing immediately so we can help. Blogging has a very low barrier to entry; if you can gather your thoughts, plan them out in a logical manner and type them up, you can create content that has the ability to draw in prospective new clients and convert them into new customers.

While massive brands like Cisco have the manpower to generate many thousands of blog posts and other pieces of content each year, this shouldn’t preclude you from having one of your team get at least one or two pieces of content up each week. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch and we’ll assist.

Once Setup, Content Marketing Bears Eternal Fruit

Once you get your content marketing strategy rolling, you can simply tweak and optimize things as you go in order to improve your inbound prospect traffic and the rate that these leads convert into new business. Unless it is time-sensitive information, the content you create will not expire and actually bears revisiting on a regular basis to provide any relevant updates. By keeping your content ‘evergreen’, you will continue to draw in visitors and prospects. Think about it: you found this blog post, didn’t you?

For Canadian Businesses, the 2014 Anti-Spam Law is a Major Issue

If you’re in Canada (as we are) then you’re likely aware that the new anti-spam legislation places an enormous burden on businesses that rely on email to generate business. In short, if you send any sort of unsolicited email for any sales purpose – regardless of whether or not it was automated, or if you have an unsubscribe function – you are liable for a fine of up to $10 million per occurrence. There’s no way out of this; as of July 1, 2014 businesses, professionals, enterprises and everyone else outside of a small handful of registered charities and politicians will be left unable to source new business via outbound email.

The good news is that investing in inbound & content marketing can make up this as every prospect who enters their email address into your lead capture forms (you have those, right?) has opted-in to receive your communications. This places you on the right side of the new anti-spam law and in a far better position than those businesses who have no sources of inbound marketing and lead generation.

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