5 Reasons Why Google+ Can Still Provide Organic Search and SEO Benefits

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If you’re a fan of using social media networks for business purposes you’ve likely got at least a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account up and running. However, have you invested the time in Google+, the social network owned by the search engine and advertising giant? In today’s post we’ll take a closer look at Google+ and share five reasons why you should be continuing to leverage this social network as part of your overall inbound marketing strategy.


Google+ Pages Will Rank and Drive Traffic

If you have a business that relies on visitor traffic to generate sales, another reason to use this social network is that your Google+ page can rank on its own and drive visitor traffic through to your main website. Treat your Google+ page as you would treat your Facebook Fan Page – update it often with visual content and engage with visitors who post comments. Having an additional high-ranking landing page which can draw in visitors and give them a positive impression of your business and brand certainly won’t hurt.

Posting on Google+ Will Generate Visits

Google+ does a fantastic job of sharing content between users who are connected in some way. When you post your latest blog update, new products or other relevant information to Google+, your update will be shown around and you will generate new visitor traffic. These individuals can then re-share your update, leading to the potential for viral growth if whatever you share is interesting and compelling enough to pass along to others.

User-created Content in Google+ Communities

Creating a Community on Google+ is an effective way to engage your followers and encourage conversation and dialogue around your products, service or industry. For example, if you own an online e-commerce store that sells clothing you might start a Community that discusses certain types of fashion or post photos and videos of upcoming trends.

Note that you’ll want to ensure that the Community that you build directly relates to your customer base. If you’re the above clothing store and you start a Community focused on recipes you’re unlikely to engage your target demographic.


Becoming a ‘Thought Leader’ in Your Circles

If your industry has a number of business owners or experts who are active on Google+ you can form or join “Circles” to connect with them. Taking the initiative to build Circles and engage with your peers can help you be seen as a bit of a thought leader in your space. You can also host “Hangouts” on Google+ which allow you to broadcast audio and video with other users. Think of this as an excellent add-on to your regular webinar series, or a unique way to give your Google+ followers a behind-the-scenes look at your business.

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