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Your Trusted Manufacturing Marketing Agency Partner

Here at Riverbed Marketing, we specialize in B2B digital marketing services, delivering multi-channel marketing strategies tailored to the needs of industries that are usually seen as “hard to market.” Manufacturing marketing is certainly one of these areas that has distinct differences about consistently reaching the target customer through digital marketing efforts.


Turnkey Digital Marketing for Manufacturers

Digital marketing for manufacturers is often seen as an afterthought as businesses within these industries often require a high level of necessary education. We put together tailored strategies that understand your business model from top to bottom to address this. Our team’s broad range of marketing skillsets helps to make this possible. We are experts in:


                  • B2B Marketing Strategy
                  • Content Marketing
                  • Search Engine Optimization
                  • Paid Advertising
                  • Marketing Automation

Your Trusted Manufacturing Marketing Agency Partner

After assessing who your ideal buyers are, we research avenues to enhance demand through keyword research, competitive intelligence, and market research. This enables us to create new assets or leverage existing content to bolster inbound marketing efforts. Our approach is results-driven, and ROI positive marketing is our primary goal, aiming to boost lead generation for manufacturers.

What Is Digital Marketing For Manufacturers?

Digital marketing for manufacturers is primarily about building product and brand awareness where needed and balancing this alongside capitalizing on existing demand. Most boomers have exited the job market these days, and the more tech-savvy gen-x and millennial professionals have all but replaced them. This means that most buyers are almost exclusively using online content to make their decisions and digital marketing is now an absolute necessity.

Manufacturing Marketing for the Digital Age

In recent surveys, 90% of buyers agreed that content significantly impacted buying decisions. The same study also found that 70% of the buyer’s journey takes place online, and 80% of CEOs and VPs use social media when making purchasing decisions.

With these statistics in mind, it’s evident that digital marketing is a good fit for any manufacturing business looking to develop authority in their respective industry. This is particularly the case with proprietary products such as SaaS or emerging technologies aimed at younger, more technologically adept market demographics.

Equally, where the product or solution requires a lengthy or in-depth customer education cycle, this is best served by an overarching digital strategy. A holistic approach can include articles, blog posts, and social media posts, all contributing toward educating potential buyers and making them more at ease with the product.

However, business leaders within the manufacturing sector are not always the best at marketing. This is because they are usually from specialized technical backgrounds – which is fantastic when you are developing innovative products using the latest technologies but can lead to a narrowed focus. However, that’s where we come in.

The Future for Manufacturing Marketing is Inbound

If you need to enhance your manufacturing marketing, and you’re ready to expand beyond those tired old campaigns using print ads, commercials and cold calls, Riverbed Marketing is here to help.

Let us give your marketing a boost through our multi-channel strategies, providing relevant content and demand generation strategies to educate and inform your clients through each stage of the buying process.