Best Edmonton Real Estate See 38,000 User Increase (31%) Over a 12 Month Period

Best Edmonton Real Estate had already established themselves as a leading real estate company in Alberta’s capital city, but while owner Gerard Hagen was experiencing success in selling homes in the city, he was finding that his website was slipping in search results.

Best Edmonton Real Estate

About Best Edmonton Real Estate

Like many small business owners, Gerard was looking for a long term, organic search solution, rather than the quick but costly solution of PPC. He wanted to create an automated inbound sales funnel, which would give him the peace of mind to shift his team’s focus to what they do best: selling houses.

The Problem


The demand for realtors already existed in the Edmonton area, so our strategy simply needed to capitalize on that existing need. Our team created a multi-faceted plan to generate the desired traffic, which was heavily content based.

The Solution


The client provided a content calendar, outsourced the content creation, and project managed the content development process. At the same time, our team conducted in depth research of his target market and keywords, and executed a site wide SEO audit, correcting problem areas and re-optimizing pages to our in house SEO best practice standards.

Finally, our focus shifted to content marketing, using the content provided by the client and working with sites within the real estate vertical in the Edmonton area that we have established relationships with, with the dual goals of building authority and generating quality inbound links.

The Results


Our team achieved the desired results, delivering on all requirements, and providing the following proven improvements:

  • 62% increase in organic traffic (100,456 vs 61,842)
  • 31% increase in leads