Canada Rental Guide: From 0 to 250 Unique Organic Sessions Daily (After 8 Months)

Canada Rental Guide is an online residential rental startup. Like many internet startups, they’re working towards gaining traction and gaining market share in a busy and competitive online arena, as well as against traditional print media alternatives.

Canada Rental Guide

About Canada Rental Guide

Canada Rental Guide provides Canadian rental tenants, landlords and property managers a safe, economical advertising alternative to Craigslist. Canada Rental Guide's primary goal is to empower tenants to find high quality rentals for student and residential apartments in major cities in Canada.

The Problem

Gary, the founder of Canada Rental Guide, had a challenge. Like every startup, he needed to increase traffic and conversions exponentially and rapidly, in the most cost effective manner possible. The site’s business model relies on digital traffic to fuel advertising and partnership revenues.

Without online traffic and traction, growth was stalling, and Gary was faced with the chicken and egg problem that so many entrepreneurs launching new digital platforms face.

If Gary could effectively generate online traffic for his startup, calculate the cost of acquisition, and effectively generate profits within those numbers, he could scale the business using a lean model, profitably, online.

The Solution

In order to deliver the results Gary needed for Canada Rental Guide, while still delivering the maximum ROI that is a given when marketing a startup, Riverbed Marketing decided on a hybrid strataegy that incorporated SEO, content marketing and paid search on Google AdWords.

The website and all social channels were optimized for search using current best practices, and content marketing was used to drive inbound links to the website. The primary goal of the content marketing campaign was to raise authority and improve ranking.

PPC was used to boost these efforts, and to generate a steady stream of qualified, targeted traffic to the site. All of our efforts were tracked in detail, across all channels, for results in traffic, conversions and other key metrics.

The Results

Canada Rental Guide saw significant improvements from our digital marketing solution within a relatively short time, and the site continues to grow towards Gary’s ultimate goals:

  • From 0 to 250 unique sessions per day from organic search only over 8 months
  • From 0 to 250 unique sessions per day from paid search only over 8 months
  • Reduction in cost per click of 40%

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