Vancouver Mortgage Broker Gains 50% Increase In Leads Over 6 Months

Geoff Lee, a Vancouver Mortgage Broker, and founder of GLM Mortgage Group, was launching a brand new website, and needed an aggressive marketing and sales strategy to establish his brand and generate leads.

The Vancouver real estate market is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the industry. GLM Mortgage Group needed to showcase its unique ability to acquire quality home financing solutions through connections it had earned over the years of experience in real estate investing. Providing value through fast acting, yet tailored home financing solutions for their clients was the key to their online marketing strategy.

For this to be achievable, they needed a responsive and interactive website experience that catered to their client’s needs with an online promotional strategy to get the word out.

GLM Mortgage Group

About GLM Mortgage Group

Geoff Lee is not your ordinary Vancouver BC mortgage broker. Not only is he dedicated to finding you the best financing at the lowest rate for your home or business, he's also committed to helping you enjoy the sometimes confusing and challenging process.

If you want new, better, smarter options for financing or refinancing your property, Geoff Lee promises to deliver. And he backs up the pledge with a promise to get you a fast "Yes!" at the sharpest rate, guaranteed.

The Problem:

After creating a brand new website to foster an informative, user-friendly online presence to collect leads, Geoff was excited for the next wave of success – but there was a major problem, the new website wasn’t even ranking in Google’s top 5 pages of search results, leaving Geoff with little to no traffic.

Some of the specific issues were:

  • Low organic traffic
  • Not enough B2C visibility
  • Not enough customer leads
  • Poor placement in Google
Rivebed Marketing review

The attention to detail, the way in which you build an online marketing strategy and make it happen, and confidence in building the results you have achieved for us are a breath of fresh air in the marketing industry.

Geoff Lee, Founder and CEO Geoff Lee Mortgage Group

The Solution:

Riverbed Marketing built a custom and diverse inbound marketing strategy for GLM Mortgage Group which included:

  • Identifying their ideal customer
  • Building engaging, high quality content to attract their ideal customers
  • Creating and implementing an SEO site plan, and optimizing the website to appeal to the target audience
  • Utilizing research and outreach to build relevant inbound links to the site

The Results:

GLM Mortgage Group began to see traction in their online traffic almost immediately after we started implementing our inbound marketing strategy. Over 6 months, organic traffic increased 35%, and they saw a 50% increase in leads. GLM Mortgage Group also saw organic placement improve and now ranks in position 1 for Vancouver Mortgage Broker.

If you and your brand value integrity, transparency and results like the one above then we would love to start up a conversation with you.

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