Healing Natural Oils Drives 64% Increase in Online Revenue with Riverbed Marketing

Healing Natural Oils was founded by Ryan Wasserman in 2001. At the time, Ryan – a passionate entrepreneur – began to research all natural solutions to common ailments and problems, after seeing a pattern of problems arise with synthetic prescribed options. Ryan was seeking a company that could help him improve his online reach, increase revenue and help build a company culture of landing page conversion and testing.

Healing Natural Oils

About Healing Natural Oils

Healing Natural Oils is a manufacturer and retailer of homeopathic and natural solutions, safe for children and adults of all ages. The business primarily operates online.

The Problem

Healing Natural Oils was a new company in the online alternative health niche. although the product was unique and new to the retail market, the company required a marketing plan and management that would encompass a wide range of online search channels. As is the case with many startups, management was having a difficult time juggling all of the areas of the business, and often couldn’t devote the time necessary to succeesfully plan and run online marketing campaigns. Some of the company issues specifically were:

  • Lack of time to successfully manage online marketing at an aggressive level in order to achieve results
  • Change velocity in education and marketing techniques limited effectiveness as new marketing concepts arose
  • The company required a significant online push in the first 6 months once online in order to thrive
  • A lack of internal specialized employees made management of SEO, link building and content marketing nearly impossible

The Solution

After thoroughly researching the brand, market and audience, Riverbed Marketing developed a comprehensive online marketing strategy focused on the following areas:

  • Significantly develop online organic visibility by building a large-scale natural inbound link campaign
  • Maximize results by implementing thorough internal tracking for revenues and goals
  • Build a company culture of testing landing pages in order to grow conversions and increase conversion rate
  • Build a thriving affiliate program
  • Develop an editorial content calendar and actively guide internal team on content development and social media

This plan was implemented for the company over the first three months of service, March 10, 2010 through August 10, 2010

The Results

Healing Natural Oils benefited immediately, and significantly from the changes we applied through our customized online marketing plan:

  • Over the first 3 months, a 15% increase in organic traffic
  • Over the first 53 months, a 41% increase in organic traffic
  • 64% increase in online revenue in the first 6 months
  • Improved lift across product pages of 31% (aggregate)
  • Happier customers and reduced bounce rate of 17% across the website (aggregate)

If you and your brand value integrity, transparency and results like the one above then we would love to start up a conversation with you.

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