Marathon Homes Increases Sales By 33% With Riverbed Marketing

Marathon Homes is a home builder based in Surrey, British Columbia, that specializes in building luxury, energy efficient homes in quality developments. Their focus on using the best materials and providing superlative workmanship have made them a well known brand in their niche. However, even master builders with a 25-year track record need an online presence today. While offline media helps drive consumers into their presentation center, digital marketing helps drive a larger scope of potential traffic to feed their sales funnel.

Marathon Homes

About Marathon Homes

Marathon Homes has over 25 years experience in providing high quality new home construction in Surrey, BC. With their commitment to quality, value and integrity, combined with strong work ethic Marathon Homes has been able to cement itself as being amongst the most established and respected builders in the Lower Mainland.

The Problem

Even with a quarter century of experience delivering higher end, luxury single family homes to home buyers in Surrey,B.C.,  Jas Gill, Co-Founder of Marathon Homes, had a challenge. The challenge was competing in the growing, yet increasingly competitive local market, and being at the top of the digital pack. While consumers still respond well to print media in this industry, an increasing number of consumers are using the internet for much of their educational research before committing to a presentation or sales center, email or call.

Plain and simple: Jas needed to improve his digital footprint and increase his company’s online visibility – and retain a foothold on the digital space in the future.

There were multiple hurdles that Jas faced if he was going to compete in the online arena. He needed to be able to predictably generate more, targeted traffic – while closing leads for the presentation sale and pre-registration.

He needed to generate buzz, and inject a sense of urgency in visitors. He needed to effectively convert visitors into leads, and he needed to rank for home building keywords in a highly competitive market.

If he could do all of these things effectively, his growing business would blossom and consistently move ahead of the pack – his competition.

The Solution

Jas’s first step in solving his digital marketing problems was to hire Riverbed Marketing as his home builder marketing agency, to build a digital marketing campaign focused on attracting traffic from search, and driving that traffic into priority registration or foot traffic to the community.

We quickly determined that a comprehensive inbound strategy was the most likely to deliver the results Marathon Homes needed in the shortest time frame. Our approach was based on a content strategy and search: evaluating existing content, creating and marketing new content, building quality, authoritative links, and implementing an exhaustive SEO process. These strategies were all designed to bring targeted, qualified local search traffic to the Marathon Homes website, and to encourage maximum conversion once those consumers landed on the website.

In order to ensure that we were getting the desired results, our team also implemented a Google PPC (AdWords) campaign to drive immediate traffic to the site, and created in depth. We also implemented AdWords tracking and analysis systems so that we could better learn what areas of the digital marketing solution were most effective for Jas.

The Results

Marathon Homes achieved significant ROI on their inbound and PPC marketing campaigns.

In detail, with Riverbed Marketing as their digital partner, Marathon seen:

  • An significant increase in total organic traffic of 68% over a period of 6 months
  • An increase in paid traffic 40% over a period of 6 months, with a 25% reduction of costs
  • An increase in total sales for 2015 of 33%

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