Real Estate Valley: From Zero to 60,000 Monthly Organic Users in 18 Months

An agent (Rick Clarke) relatively new in the real estate industry needed to generate more traffic, leads and customers digitally rather than using referrals and traditional real estate marketing – things which can typically take much longer to bear fruit.

The Rick Clarke Team

About The Rick Clarke Team

The Rick Clarke Team specializes in buying and selling in British Columbia's Lower Mainland.

The Problem

Getting traction for new websites can be one of the most difficult tasks for any webmaster. Once launched, new websites not only need to navigate the challenges of search engine visibility and recognition, but also build their human audience.

Rick Clarke, the agent behind RealEstateValley.ca realized that as a relatively new entrant to the real estate market online and off, he needed to ramp up his presence fast.

The Solution

To do that, he hired our team to create a tailor made inbound marketing campaign with the twin goals of constructing a highly optimized website for maximum search engine visibility, and to attract and engage with visitors on his site.

Our plan was comprehensive, encompassing a long-term SEO strategy, content development and publishing, social media management and content marketing. We then analyzed data to great lead nurturing campaigns and workflows that automated marketing as far as possible, delivering more, better qualified leads, and improved the onsite experience and calls to action to optimize the on site conversion rate.

The Results

Within just 16 months of creating and implementing our marketing plan on a brand new site, RealEstateValley.ca had achieved the results they were looking for, including:

  • Taking a brand new website from zero visitors to over 2,000 unique visitors per day within 16 months of launch.
  • Generating this dramatic spike in traffic organically.
  • Generating 600 organic, qualified leads per month within 16 months of launch.
  • Designed and implemented drip marketing and lead nurturing campaigns to automate marketing efforts.
  • Generated web based leads to sustain a team of 26 agents.