Frequently Asked Questions

The following frequently asked questions are designed to help you understand more about the way in which we work with you as a marketing partner and extension of your brand. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We’re glad you asked!

We can help your business grow by building an inbound marketing strategy for your brand, and executing on it.

The result? Consistent, predictable growth and returns for your business based on your preferred level of growth

We use a range of inbound marketing tools starting with high quality content development to build a strategy that attracts visitors to your website, converts those visitors to leads, closes those leads to sales, and nurtures your customers into brand advocates.

Please contact us for additional pricing or review our inbound marketing solutions pricing page. You can learn more about what we recommend you should commit to your online marketing campaign here.

We do require a 6 month commitment for most of our services, and a 12 month commitment for inbound marketing.

Effective inbound marketing for your brand requires time, patience and commitment.

Unfortunately we do not work in campaigns without a 6-12 month commitment, so we do not work with ‘pay as you go’ campaigns.

We invoice monthly for services, at the onset of the month.

The most successful marketing campaigns are built on trusted partnerships. We view our relationship as a partnership in which we are an extension of your brand. Great partnerships require timely communication, input and task completion in order to be successful.

Monthly marketing reporting is created by Riverbed Marketing to give you full transparency into the work being done and results of those efforts. This reporting is delivered to you by email within the first 3 non-holiday business days of each month.

We also setup consistent calls to discuss campaign and account performance and recommendations.

We hold regular meetings weekly, bi-weekly or once a month, depending on the level of solution and engagement. We work with you via conference calls and online meetings to discuss your campaign and identify additional ways to improve results. Additionally, we might setup further calls, where needed and convenient to you to discuss campaign particulars, request feedback and input.

Additionally, our team holds weekly meetings to review strategy and results progress for your brand.

We use comprehensive tools to benchmark and measure results on a monthly basis.

Here is a sample of some of the tools we will likely be using for your campaign:

Google Analytics
Google Conversion (AdWords)
Raven Tools
Majestic SEO (Link Tools)
Caffeine-Driven Brains

For a complete list of tools we employ, please don’t hesitate to check out our resources page for more details.

We build monthly recommendations for you and your team to review which we believe will help your company generate more traffic, better ROI and more profits.

Yes, we guarantee traffic & lead growth for your brand.

However, in order to reach those goals we need 100% commitment from you and your brand to ensure timely delivery of your responsibilities so that our work can move forward smoothly.

In order to ensure we are meeting our goals for your brand, we benchmark your campaign at the onset of the campaign. This ensures that everyone understands the initial numbers we are working with.

Most inbound marketing campaigns are geared to traffic and lead growth; For more information on the tools we most commonly use to measure performance, check out our resources page.

We view our engagement with you as a partnership. Within the partnership we will organize tasks and responsibilities that we ask for help and contribution with. Some of these responsibilities can and will impact campaign effectiveness. Some will involve approval and sign-off, others will involve feedback.

NOTE: It is very important to understand the importance of timely completion of requests in order for us to maximize the work that we do. If we are not able to receive important information and input from you that we mutually agree upon in a timely manner, it will become exponentially more difficult to reach your goals and get you the results you need.

For all monthly retainer solutions (inbound marketing, SEO, PPC, etc.) we invoice at the onset of each month of service, and our terms of payment are net-14.

Conversely for web design and development (non-retainer) projects we invoice 50% at the onset of the project, and 50% once the project is completed and approved by you. We begin work once the first 50% invoice has been paid in full.

We accept payment by Paypal, Credit Card and use Stripe as our processing company.

We adhere to the highest customer service standards, so expect consistent, dependable communication between us and your team.

Whether you prefer to be reached by phone, email, text, Skype or web conference we will make it happen. We will prioritize our communications to your ideal style to save you time and make your partnership with us more efficient.

And for added peace of mind we also commit to a one hour maximum response rate to you for all communications. This means we will always acknowledge that your question, concern or feedback was received by our team without a one hour period – and when we are best able to report back to you with an answer.

We want to build a long term partnership with you, and we want your brand to succeed. Working with competitors in your vertical and operating area would be counterproductive to both of us.

Therefore, we never work with a competitor to you in your vertical or operating space during the course of our engagement – regardless whether that engagement is for 12 months or 5 years.

Let’s start with a short 20 minute call to discuss your business goals & marketing challenges.