Plastic Surgery Marketing & Lead Generation

As a plastic surgeon your practice depends more than any other kind of surgery on social proof to grow & thrive. Whether your specialty is in reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery, your patients are literally your best advertisements. The only trouble is, in many cases your patients will not want to share their experiences with the world publicly. You may get a few private referrals, but in most cases you will need to use other methods to gain patient trust. After all, the confidentiality of your patients is second only to the results you deliver.

Building Social Proof for a Plastic Surgery Practice

One of the best ways that plastic surgeons can build social proof is by leveraging information marketing, and by securing patient testimonials that are anonymous. Research has shown that patients looking for a plastic surgeon are some of the most information- and testimonial-hungry medical consumers out there.

This makes your plastic surgery marketing a perfect fit for an inbound strategy that combines outstanding content with a personal element. Your skill, your experience, and your reputation are as much your product as any of the procedures you perform.

Expert Positioning Is Not Negotiable

The reason inbound marketing strategies are so successful for plastic surgeons is that they are designed to do exactly what you need to do. Inbound marketing strategies focus on positioning you as the expert in your field, and that is exactly what your patients want, after all. Not one of your patients is looking for a surgeon who is not going to deliver the very best possible results. Be that surgeon.

How We Can Help

In your practice, it is your job to create medical miracles that are tangible and visible. It is your job to erase scars and signs of aging, to construct or reconstruct features that are no longer or were never there. We do much the same for our customers, by creating an online presence that is tangible & delivers results. We take practices that are not as visible, and put them at the forefront of their field.

We would love to discuss how we can make your practice as visible as it deserves to be, and create a stream of patients looking to consult with you. When you’re ready to attract all the patients you can handle, it’s time to call us. Let’s chat today.