Our Story

We exist to make marketing lean, efficient and scalable.

It’s a path carved out by our founder and ambitious life-learner, Todd Mumford, who jumped into the emerging digital marketing landscape in 2004.

“I quickly realized just how inefficient agencies were,” explained Todd. “They were, and remain, more focused on building their presentations, brands and offices rather than getting their clients honest results. For me, it’s about analyzing and accurately understanding challenges and opportunities, and less about spending.”

This unwavering obsession with efficiencies has gained opportunities and wins with clients across Canada and the U.S., including Telus, Disney and Coldwell Banker.

The name Riverbed Marketing extends from Todd’s youth outdoors alongside the striking, crystal clear lakes and rivers of B.C. He said: “It reflects the best marketing campaigns, which are transparent, and flow naturally with purpose.”

If you share the values and appreciation of clarity, honesty, hard work and real results, join us on our journey.