Why Choose WordPress for Search & Social Optimization

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When it comes to content management systems (CMS), over 45% of the top websites use WordPress. Even Google’s own Matt Cutts chooses WordPress for his personal blog, stating that WordPress takes care of 80 – 90% of search engine optimization. In this post, we’re going to look at the reasons why you should choose WordPress for optimum search and social media optimization.

The Themes genesis-2-devices

Unlike standard website templates, many WordPress themes are designed for looks and functionality. Companies that specialize in creating SEO-friendly premium WordPress designs offer WordPress frameworks and themes that include the following:

Clean Code

Your website’s code does not have to be perfect, but it should be as clean as possible in order to ensure that your website runs at optimum performance. WordPress themes from reputable developers tend to have a very clean code for the best performance possible.

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You can always use the W3C Markup Validator tool to check your website’s code as well as any WordPress theme you are considering purchasing. For the latter, simply enter the URL of the theme’s demo page.

Responsive Design

Many WordPress themes have incorporated responsive design to ensure users can enjoy your website on any device. Responsive design is Google recommended as it enables you to serve one website URL to any viewer, regardless of whether they are on their desktop or their smartphone. A responsive WordPress theme will also ensure that your website will benefit from increased mobile traffic following Google’s latest update.

Built-in SEO Optimization

Theme developers such as StudioPress and DIYthemes include built-in search optimization with their frameworks and child themes. When you install one of their themes, you will automatically have access to search engine optimization fields for your website’s homepage, pages, posts, and archive pages.

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These fields will allow you to enter basic on-site optimization elements, custom SEO titles, meta descriptions, and keywords, as well as mark specific posts and pages as no follow or no index when needed. For the site as a whole, you will have the option to no index or no archive specific pages or archive pages, append specific text to post and page titles, and configure additional SEO settings.

The Plugins

If you don’t have a WordPress theme that comes with built-in search engine optimization fields, then you can use a plugin. The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is one of the best free optimization plugins. You can use it to implement all of the fields you need to optimize your WordPress website’s homepage, pages, posts, and archives for search.

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In addition to optimizing your website for search, WordPress SEO can help you with social media optimization as well. For individual posts, you can customize the description and image that will be used when people share your content on Facebook. For your website as a whole, you can configure Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to customize the look of your content further when shared on those networks.

Another way to socially-optimize your content is by adding social sharing buttons. Plugins like Digg Digg and ShareThis will allow you to implement social sharing buttons quickly for the top social networks without having to code them into your WordPress theme.

Yoast can even help you build links from content scrapers by using the RSS footer setting. Just by adding a simple link that says the post was originally published on your website, you can claim authorship of your content, even when it is stolen.

Beyond the basics, you will find that there are many additional WordPress plugins that can help you with search and social optimization.

You can install plugins that will automatically build internal links, help you create 301 redirects, optimize for video content, and optimize for local content.

The Services

Beyond design and optimization, there are lots of great service providers for WordPress website owners. Hosting companies such as WP Engine and Web Synthesis host only WordPress websites, so they are experts at creating safe, secure, and performance-enhanced environments for WordPress websites. High-performing websites are user-friendly, and Google loves to serve websites that users love.

If you prefer your hosting company but, need a little extra security, Sucuri can monitor your WordPress website for malware and hacking. Their security can prevent your website from getting marked as infected in search results.

Choosing WordPress will allow you to have a widely supported and user-friendly website, making SEO and social engagement hassle free.

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