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Content marketing is the cornerstone of today’s inbound marketing strategies and involves strategizing and developing content targeting your ideal buyer at their stage in the buyer’s  journey. This form of digital PR is essential in building your inbound marketing funnel and capturing the attention and trust of your ideal audience.

Content marketing strategy helps to position you as an expert in your field; and because it is cumulative, the results you get improve over time. A well-executed content marketing plan driven by an expert content marketing agency will boost your authority, trust and traffic.

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Why Is Content Marketing So Important?

Consumer behaviours are changing, and fast. Consumers are in control of how they receive and consume information, a process which is evolving because of technology and sharing.

Because of this, consumers and business leaders seek information earlier in the buying cycle than ever before. In many industries, consumers are able to research companies and move 70% through the buyer journey without needing sales. Your prospects do this through education.

Content marketing serves to educate your ideal buyer long in advance of the sale. Instead of pitching, you win without selling by educating your prospect – answering key questions they have by building highly relevant informative content. This process builds trust and authority for your brand. It also allows you to build a better sales funnel by segmenting prospects based on how they interact with your content. Inbound marketing strategy is a subset of content marketing, with the difference being that inbound marketing also typically includes marketing automation, lead nurturing and sales funnel analysis and implementation.

What Is The Best Type Of Content To Create?

You may already know that content marketing is one of the best and most effective marketing strategies for your company, and you are ready to adopt it as a part of your marketing strategy. Even so, if you are like most business owners you might not know where to start.

A content marketing plan or strategy starts with understanding and documenting your ideal buyer. This process is known as ‘buyer persona development’. For both B2C and B2C businesses this involves customer surveys and interviews, site feedback and collaboration / input from key positions within the company. The ideal result of an initial buyer persona project is to document build an ideal stereotype of your ideal buyer. This process should reveal not only why and where they search for information, but what their challenges and opportunities are, and how they behave when making purchasing decisions.

Here are some examples of content that can work well across a range of industries and target audiences:

White papers
Case Studies
Distributed Content (Digital PR, writer contributions)

Because content marketing campaigns involve a lot of moving parts and variables, many small and medium businesses today choose to hire digital marketing professionals to build and direct the process. Ultimately that agency will often create, automate and curate their content for them, or be involved in a split role, with some content being built by the brand, and some being built by the partner agency.

Develop Better ROI

Recent research indicates that regardless of whether your digital marketing budget is small or large content marketing strategies offer a much higher ROI than traditional marketing. Because we know that content marketing is the ultimate way to market to your ideal buyer now and in the future, it only stands to reason that an increasing percentage of your content development budget should be allocated to developing great relevant, educative content for your audience(s).

How Can Our Content Marketing Company Help?

When you contact us about content marketing, we will discuss your business and your ideal buyer in some detail. We will also get a better understanding of your business and marketing goals.

If we are a good fit, we will build a content marketing strategy for your business designed to maximize your results. Sometimes, this involves recommending changes to the way you currently allocate your marketing budget.

Content marketing is the present, and it is the future. If you’re ready to find out how to capitalize on your content, give us a call today and let’s chat.

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Can’t say enough good things about Todd and Riverbed. They are a very smart, very professional inbound marketing agency, I’ve learned a lot from Todd, sometimes in more detail than my brain wants! It’s no wonder to me that the big agencies use them and bill them out under their own brand. They’re really good people as well. No egos, open, honest, a pleasure to work with.  I used them for a contract in tech and will be using them for my new food business and I recommend them to my closest friends and colleagues.

Ken A. Schneider, President, Quejos Ancient Foods Inc.

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