B2B Content Marketing Strategy

A successful content strategy consistently provides unforgettable content in all the right places
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B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Turn-key B2B Content Marketing Strategy Tailored to Your Industry

Your target audience already knows what it wants, and what it needs – and they’re educating themselves on solutions to their challenges long before they speak to your sales team.

To win the most qualified leads with modern B2B marketing efforts, the kicker is to build a concrete content marketing strategy that consistently provides unforgettable content in all the right places.

The Leader in B2B Content Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of content floating around out there – so we focus on building highly informative, interesting, and valuable content that keeps your business at the top of the heap – and constantly on the minds of your prospects. The success of a killer content strategy keeps your business at the forefront of customer thinking, boosting the likelihood you’ll be selected over the competition.

Why Let Riverbed Develop Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy?

We’re experts at crafting effective content strategies that use inspired and consistent content marketing formulas to delight and engage new business. We build unforgettable content by researching, writing, and integrating our intimate knowledge of your brand to get noticed. In the ocean of content on the web today, we’re the surfers riding the waves.

Want more, and better sales, on your terms?

Attract & Convert More Ideal Customers

It’s important to question the way things have always been done. For most companies, the emphasis is on ideal customers. For us, it’s about ensuring your company becomes the ideal solution for educated customers.

A lengthy sales cycle means your sales funnel can fill up with a variety of prospects, qualified and unqualified – each with different needs, and that’s OK. Converting the right ones means understanding that some of these prospects will appreciate the valuable information you provide, while others only care about the lowest price.

Your Content Strategy Becomes Your Brand

With prospect education on one side of your content strategy coin, screening prospects is on the other – so using your content to build a platform that builds authority, interest and loyalty from your ideal customers should also express your expectations for your customers.

A custom-tailored content strategy that not only intrigues your audience, but outlines who you’re eager to work with is critical to attracting and converting those perfect potential customers into loyal repeat buyers.

Educate Your Ideal Audience

An effective content strategy creates a consistent opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and show your ideal audience how well you can help solve challenges. Educating your audience by illustrating how perfectly you bridge the gap between problem and solution is the ideal way to showcase your expertise, build confidence, and close deals.

Great content marketing strategy is the premiere stage of communication that allows your prospects to test out what it feels like to work with your company, and it increases your chances of winning new business by identifying with your audience through education.

Demonstrate Value Through Your Content

Here’s the rub – over half of all B2B purchases end up providing little to no improvements in customers’ lives; this is thanks to flaws they have in selecting the right solution and / or the solution provider. The solution?

Make working with your brand seem like an easy choice, by providing answers, and alleviating pain points.

Organize Your Content To Wow Your Audience

Legendary Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu infamously prophesied in the Art of War, engaging people with what they expect “settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” Let’s break this down a bit:

While many of your competitors are busy following content trends and creating random blogs and graphics on random topics in an effort to keep up with the Joneses’, a progressive b2b content strategy should start by mapping out the route of your prospects’ journeys in your sales funnel.

A Robust Content Marketing Strategy Provides Agility

Allow your competitors to deliver predictable content and settle your ideal prospects. The opportunity is now yours to deliver unique content that they won’t anticipate. By organizing your brand’s strategy to deliver messages that stand out, you can create the type of content that most effectively guides your prospects towards your desired action. Just like that, you’ve carved out a niche that gets you remembered by better organizing your content strategy to work for you.

With content strategy and creation services from Riverbed, you make the buying process memorable for your customers. We differentiate your brand from the masses by delivering content that delights, and satisfies.