What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital marketing strategy is about much more than revenue. It is about designing a system that drives visitors to your website converts that traffic to leads, and closes those leads to customers. It is about creating an image in your market, and positioning your company a leader in your industry. It is about deciding how you want to reach people, and what your goals are.

We are experts in developing inbound marketing strategies for small and medium sized companies that drive predictable traffic, leads and customers. Our inbound strategies help companies scale, based on their growth goals and investment.

Let’s create a strategy the works for you.

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Calm During the Storm

If you are considering using inbound marketing to drive customers to your business, then you might have noticed that there are many companies and service providers offering tools and resources that they promise can do everything but make the coffee. You may have read conflicting advice, or given up because it all sounds like jargon and you are doing fine anyway.

Developing an inbound marketing strategy is like that. Which is why, for our customers, we like to think we are the calm during the storm. We help to filter out all the noise, and focus on what is important.

We help you to develop a marketing strategy that fits your budget & your business. We work on setting goals, and providing measurable results. When you quiet all the chatter, it is amazing what your marketing strategy can achieve.

Getting Started

Getting started on creating a marketing strategy that works begins with assessing what you already have in place. Next, we determine what results you want and set goals, and then we work on achieving those goals with the budget you have. Our team has many years’ experience in developing and managing marketing strategies that deliver, and we would love to do the same for us.

Riverbed Marketing brings the highest level of integrity, expertise and professionalism to his role as a search engine marketing consultant. These attributes, combined with Todd Mumford’s common sense approach to business, ability to tailor his strategy to meet your business requirements and his tireless work ethic make him an ideal partner for anyone looking to improve their bottom line.

Gary Taylor, Founder, Transcona Media

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