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of reputable healthcare organizations use content marketing

Healthcare Digital Marketing Made Easy

Healthcare and the medical profession, by its very nature, will always revolve around the doctor-patient relationship, treatments, prescriptions, and medical studies and breakthroughs. Yet, in the digital age, medical and healthcare marketing has changed immensely.

Successful healthcare companies and medical device companies understand two critical things:

One – to compete in a global arena, healthcare companies need to grow a strong digital presence, build authority and trust, demonstrate unparalleled expertise, and create an unwavering reputation for patient care. Over 60% of the sales cycle now happens before your ideal client ever talks to your sales people.

Two – while the specifics of their profession don’t necessarily change, how they interact and engage with patients and caregivers who require their care and knowledge do – constantly. Attracting your ideal client, and educating that person via the digital world is the most effective way to attract curious prospects, engage their pain points, and build trust within the community to stimulate sales.

If you aren’t actively engaging your ideal potential patients and consumers via the digital channels they rely on, you’re most certainly losing business to competitors.

Inbound is Innovative — Just Like Healthcare

For generations, patient referrals, print advertising and even television and radio ads have propelled and sustained the relevance of innumerable healthcare companies. This is straight up outdated and ineffective; plus – ‘because we’ve always done it this way’ is literally the antithesis of good healthcare practices; we don’t treat children’s coughs with heroin anymore do we… Why? Medical researchers found better ways.

Traditional outbound marketing practices can only do so much in our rapidly progressing digital world, and research has proven time and again that when it comes to healthcare, inbound is more effective in marketing for healthcare.

Attracting qualified leads by producing high-quality content that speaks to quantifiable concerns, needs, and pain points is a surefire way to generate ideal prospects by expressing your expertise and demonstrating compassion and wisdom. This methodology provides better results for healthcare firms and medical device companies – and offers a much better return on your marketing investment.

Engagement Generates Leads

By creating a custom and professional healthcare services website using high-quality content, industry standard SEO, and integrating your sales and marketing divisions, healthcare firms like yours stand to drive new and improved traffic to your website where ideal targeted prospects will actively become prospective patients.

Don’t buy it? Over 83% of reputable healthcare organizations are engaged in using content marketing – as well as dedicating 14% increases to their content marketing plans to begin increasing engagement.

By using unique creative content to address healthcare issues and alleviate fear, you’ll be providing valued insights and building a reputation as an authority in your field – consistently building a steady stream of qualified patient leads in the meantime. Positioning your business to be the #1 resource potential patients turn to when they research procedures, treatments, and expertise online is critical to expanding your patient/customer base.

A Cohesive Healthcare Digital Marketing Plan

Creating a comprehensive, cohesive marketing plan to secure your position as an expert in your field while simultaneously driving qualified leads to your website is priority number one.

Only 33% of healthcare organizations benefit from a documented overarching content strategy, while another 21% are in the process of developing a documented strategy within the next 12 months. What these companies are finding, is that social media, video, e-newsletters, and blogs are the most powerful tools in a new school healthcare marketing arsenal optimized to maximum effectiveness.

Stay Competitive In The Digital World

Putting your healthcare or medical device company at the forefront of your industry requires the expert capability of a tier-one professional healthcare marketing agency – and with our six years of experience in the field, we’re that agency. Staying competitive in an expanding digital world means partnering with Riverbed’s creative and innovative approach to professional healthcare marketing.