Meet Our Team

We’re a growing team of passionate and determined people based in Vancouver, B.C. and we’re growing. Some of us work on sales, some of us work on strategy and all of us work to make our clients better. We love what we do, and who we do it with.

Why Should You Trust Riverbed Marketing?

1. Responsive, highly trained and experienced staff. Our staff train weekly, consistently building on the years of digital marketing experience they possess. Highly polished and well-rounded skill sets allow us to deliver results that would require 1-2 full time marketing employees to achieve. Our agency is also highly responsive, and takes pride in exceptional communications.

2. Experts in all things digital – especially inbound. We believe in building organic grassroots, brand-driven digital marketing campaigns. While we are experts in many areas starting with SEO, we believe the best campaigns are content-driven and focused on traffic building, conversion and closing new customers.

3. A track record of delivering results. We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with, and deliver measurable results for a range of clients in a range of industries.

Tracey Mumford
Tracey Mumford Director of Operations
Tracey is a leader who thrives on communication, team building and culture. Over the last 10 years Tracey has worked with a variety of notable brands, helping support, build and train internally. Her commitment to transparency and practicality make her an invaluable leader for Riverbed Marketing and our clients. In her spare time Tracey likes to spend time with her husband and family, read books and build crafts.
Michael Bergen
Michael Bergen Senior Inbound Team Leader
Michael has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and brings to the team a wide range of skill sets. Mike’s strengths in assessing markets and segments, along with his skillsets in most things automation helps our clients effectively generate better results, faster and more efficiently. In addition to mentoring and training staff, Mike also oversees inbound marketing performance for clients. In his spare time Mike enjoys analyzing stocks and financial markets, as well as gaming.
Kyle McDonald
Kyle McDonald Senior Inbound Team Leader
Kyle brings years of support and project management experience to Riverbed Marketing. He thrives on process, automation and communications, and has passion for client growth. Kyle works directly in our inbound team on a wide range of activities while directly supporting client needs. Kyle also assists in project-level development such as website development and marketing automation implementation. In his spare time Kyle enjoys spending time with his family and entertaining guests.
Nelson Phillips
Nelson PhillipsSenior Content Strategist & Writer
Nelson is our resident Content Writer and Strategist. Bringing a wealth of newspaper, magazine and digital mixed media experience, he’s got a way with words that help to articulate the intricacies of brand stories and client goals with creativity and freshness in mind. Nelson is passionate about shaping the stories that help the company/client relationship flourish, while developing modern mentalities in brands that can stand the test of time. When he’s not waist deep in words, you can find him spending time with his wife and daughter, canoeing, and exploring his native Ontario.
Yaz Jiwa
Yaz Jiwa Senior Paid Search Manager
Yaz brings over 8 years of paid search experience to the Riverbed Marketing team. His wide scope of valuable skillsets extends into conversion optimization, usability and business profitability. He excels at creating lean Google PPC campaigns, and cost effectively scaling campaigns through profitability.

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