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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website rankings in the major search engines for targeted keywords in order to increase organic search traffic.

Improving your organic rankings helps to increase the number of qualified leads you receive at your website. If your brand goals are to grow, you will need a sound SEO strategy. You will need results.

Our Vancouver SEO company has years of combined experience delivering effective organic traffic building campaigns for brands just like yours. Let’s chat about creating a customized campaign for your business.

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How Are We Different From Other SEO Companies?

Most of our clients have found us by referral or by searching keywords like “Vancouver SEO Agency” or “SEO Vancouver, BC”. But there are many search results to choose from, how do you know which SEO company or marketing agency will get you real results?

As an experienced professional marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada with years of experience, we back our confidence with marketing case studies demonstrating our online work and results for clients just like you. Our search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are measured by traffic increase and organic search traffic improvements. Whether we work as SEO consultants to help you tweak your SEIO game, or we  handle all execution, our aim is always about driving top rankings in Google and Bing for your brand.

Your brand needs to:

  • Rank page one Google for your keywords.
  • Withstand future Google Penguin and Panda updates.
  • Not exceed your marketing budget.

Our Process and What Drives SEO Results

Ideal Buyer Strategy

We work with you to understand your ideal buyer(s). This step is crucial in determining the keywords those buyers use to search for information, products and services to help them solve their problems.

Keyword Research

Once we fully understand your ideal buyer(s) we get to work identifying the best keywords we can use to attract those audiences to your website content with. And, while we are doing this, we are busy organizing content ideas to support keywords we develop to ensure that we are always increasing your keyword set and scope.

On-page Optimization

Next, we ensure your website is 100% optimized – from Title tags, to meta descriptions, internal links, canonical link tags – you name it, we cover it. Our SEO audit is industry-leading, comprehensive and powerful.

Content Strategy and Development

Each month we target new content to keywords your ideal buyer(s) search, and publish that content to your website. This usually consists of blog posting, but can often also mean more targeting landing pages, depending on your growth goals.

Link Development or “Link Earning”

Backlinks are extremely important in order to achieve success in SEO. Most often, quality backlinks or inbound links are achieved by building and publishing great content, but content marketing can help your brand to build content off of your website that encourages links to your website. The resulting links improve search engine trust for your website, raising your authority and rankings.

We complete a backlink profile for your brand, and identify link targets we need to acquire in the campaign. We then build quality content and linkable assets and share / distribute that content with industry influencers and authorities in order to generate those links to your website.

Keeping Track of Changes

The concepts behind effective SEO are not difficult. What makes it most challenging, however, is that the rules, standards and best practices change frequently. Actions that would have taken your site to the top of the organic search rankings a few years ago might get you penalized today.

Agencies like ours build their business around knowing what the most current best practice is, so you don’t have to. After all, what was perfectly acceptable a few years ago might well be frowned upon by search engines today, and you never want to wake up to a website that is virtually invisible in the rankings.

We Drive Traffic, You Take Care of Business

When we work with you on your search engine marketing strategy and assess where your website ranks now, based on your primary keywords. Then we build customized SEO packages designed to increase search engine visibility, drive traffic to your site, and convert more of that traffic into customers. More importantly, we identify mistakes and outdated tactics, and correct them before you are penalized by search engines.

A well-structured, well-executed strategy can have a huge impact on your website and your sales. It has been proven time and again to offer almost unmatched ROI in marketing terms. Better yet, when you outsource your SEO, you can get back to focusing on your business. So why not contact us. Let us do what we do best, so you can do more of what you do.

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