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More Sales Leads Generated Using Inbound Marketing

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Prospects are already 57% through their decision-making process when they are ready to talk to salespeople. Make initial contact with those prospects before the 57% mark, and you’ll have an exponentially easier job converting those prospects into customers.

But a simple chat won’t always cut it – this takes quite a bit of learning about your prospect and communicating with them in their language; doing that the old school way would be too costly and time-consuming.

Your B2B Marketing Automation Agency Partner

Cue marketing automation which can help streamline your B2B lead generation campaigns by helping your business stay in contact with your prospects automatically when they reach a specific point in their buyers journey, but adding a personal touch that helps them identify with your brand. When automation and personality are optimized, you can convert your best prospects into ideal customers more predictably, and more consistently.

Let’s work on building your marketing automation base so your business can make a personal impact on its ideal prospects.

B2B Marketing Automation Drives Consistent Efficiency

With marketing automation, it takes fewer people to run larger and more complex email marketing campaigns that has the power to connect with a larger number of qualified potential customers. That’s just plain good for business.

When it comes to repetitive tasks, automation is more consistent and predictable than human action – critical for maintaining a powerful brand identity. Marketing automation boosts efficiency, and reduces human inconsistency in your marketing, allowing you to build a strong brand that relays its message persistently, and with dependability.

Build A Path of Scalability

You can scale your marketing program one of two ways: hire more people to increase brand presence and customer communication, or embrace automation and focus your efforts on streamlining your process.

Don’t get us wrong – great employees are irreplaceable, but they’re also so different from each other, no matter how good your marketing team is, you can’t replicate people, so you end up introducing discrepancies to communication threads and sales closures. Discrepancies and differences can lead to inconsistencies, which can undermine your plans to scale your business.

But with the right combination of great employees and a stellar marketing automation strategy, you can iron out existing inconsistencies and make marketing for your prospects a seamless journey from first contact to reaching for the wallet.

Align Sales & Marketing

Cats and Dogs. Coke and Pepsi. Leafs and Habs. The Federation and Rebel Alliance – the world is chalked full of powerful rivalries – and for way too long, sales and marketing departments have been competing for interstellar domination — thing is, they’ve always had a lot in common. (Vader was Luke’s Dad, after all).

One of the most overlooked opportunities of sales enablement & improvement is uniting your sales and marketing people to work together towards better alignment between their respective departments. According to MarketingProfs, well-aligned sales and marketing departments can improve sales win rates by 38% and customer retention by 36%. That’s huge.

Deep down, both sales and marketing directors know that if they worked better together, success would follow much more easily. Helping and supporting them to collaborate more efficiently means more revenue and less internal competition for everyone.

Turnkey B2B Marketing Automation Strategy you can Trust

The essence of marketing automation has always been to squeeze water from the proverbial stone.

At one point, every business process saturates, and no matter how hard you work, you can’t get more out of it unless you innovate and adapt to a different approach. This is what marketing automation does.

A small marketing team, consisting of competent (NOT excellent) professionals, using the right amount and type of marketing automation, can consistently outperform a larger marketing team of marketing geniuses with poor or non-existent automation in place; think about King Leonidas and his crew of 300 Spartan warriors taking on the entire Persian army.

When you find the balance of marketing staffing and automation, your team can perform borderline miracles for your company on the regular.

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