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We Know Paid Advertising (PPC) for B2B

When it comes to the highly competitive spaces that ads budgets often face, it is crucial that your marketing efforts can continue to show a healthy, and consistent growth to your sales pipeline for every advertising dollar spent.

Amidst today’s savvy consumers and increasing advertising costs, it’s simply not enough to stand up campaigns on auto-pilot. Knowing how to optimize B2B campaigns, and more importantly… understanding the common language shared between you and your prospects is often a key ingredient missing that is holding you back from successful paid advertising campaigns.

Your Trusted B2B Ads Agency Partner

Riverbed Marketing is a B2B PPC Agency with over 12 years of experience in building comprehensive PPC strategies for B2B businesses in Technology, SaaS, and other industries. As a certified Google Partner, we pride ourselves in delivering the best results, on efficient budgets aligned heavily with tracking, measurement and feedback.

Whether you need a new paid advertising campaigns or would like to move existing campaigns to our team, we can help. Let’s chat.

How Riverbed Marketing We Can Help

As a B2B marketing agency, we understand the complexities of your industry and will work closely with you to achieve highly relevant ad copy backed by our comprehensive keyword research and audience research that delivers high-impact ROI-focused advertising campaigns.

    Google Ads & Microsoft Ads Campaigns

    Cost per lead too high? There’s a search terms and query relevance issue we can help with!

    As the industry-leading PPC platform, Google advertising continues to be one of the best ways to capture in-market leads looking to buy. We take a B2B-centric approach in how we do keyword research and leverage data insights to validate the intentions behind your B2B audience to maximize ad spend ROI.

    B2B Social Media Advertising

    Are social ads campaigns failing to drum up business? It might be time to revisit the strategy.

    In the fast paced world of social media, B2B businesses need to stand out amidst the noise. Gone are the days of effective performance-based campaigns as this has become the new form of direct marketing consumers are simply tired of seeing. We help align your strategy to a demand generation mindset that generates insane growth.

    Why Managed Services for your B2B Paid Advertising Campaigns Makes Sense

    B2B Paid advertising can be complex and challenging for brands managing large, but strict budgets. Effective PPC campaign management grows profits by using a range of tools to build monthly processes involving:

    • Ongoing keyword trends research
    • Keeping an eye on top competitors
    • Identifying optimization opportunities
    • Building and managing new ads campaigns
    • Connecting the dots on inefficient marketing spend
    • Tailor ad copy to match the intentions of your audience
    • Supporting the marketing team with strategic insights learned
    • Data-driven optimization process to maximize advertising ROI

    Most organizations find more value in outsourcing these processes to a B2B Marketing agency so that they can focus on running more comprehensive marketing campaigns in-house, as opposed to hiring an in-house resource to perform or marketing coordinator.

     Our team of PPC experts has been creating high impact, high converting PPC campaigns for our customers for years. We can work with you to understand the details of your business and strategize your campaign right from the start or get started on reducing your costs and maximizing your ROI on existing accounts.

    If your organization would benefit from data-driven paid advertising management, let’s chat.

    What Others Are Asking – FAQ

    Does PPC Work for B2B?

    YES! It’s important to carefully analyze the searcher intent behind the keyword to make sure your audience is truly the right fit for your B2B offerings.

    PPC is one of the most powerful ways to consistently fill your sales pipeline month over month because it is best at getting you in front of ‘in-market’ prospects who are actively looking to buy.

    What is PPC in B2B Marketing?

    PPC Pay-per-click is a bidding model used in paid advertising campaigns where you pay after someone clicks on your ad.

    These days bidding markets are complex and rich with machine learning and automation systems actively running campaigns and dynamically influencing bidding markets. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to PPC strategy or else you put yourself at a disadvantage.

    What does a PPC Agency do?

    A PPC agency specializes in understanding the intricacies of your business so they can actively translate that into valuable keyword research and audience targeting parameters to get you in front of your target audience effectively and on budget.

    An agency will work to stay on top of demand trends through keyword research, monitor for cost optimizations opportunities in campaigns, and conduct a strict optimizations process which is based on a system of operations to remove roadblocks preventing campaigns from hitting their peak potential.

    How do I choose a Good PPC Agency?

    It’s important to partner with a PPC agency that will take time to understand the details your business and target audience you are after. They will operate a data-driven process to understand the audience behavior, what makes them ‘tick’ and how your prospects actively search in an effort to provide laser-focused campaigns that are cost-efficient and don’t cast a wide net in a sea of high advertising costs.

    A best-in-class agency will be dedicated to transparency, efficiency, and maximizing revenue for the clients they serve. They will take an active role in reviewing lead quality and dialing in performance as a collaborative experience to maximize marketing outcomes.