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Tailored EdTech Marketing Strategies

The technology of learning has come a long way since the days of rows of students with slates and chalk. The future of education is in the hands of the leading edtech companies and, at Riverbed Marketing, we want you to be part of that future.

Our multi-channel marketing strategies are tailored to your goals and underpinned by understanding your business model from top to bottom. We specialize in content strategy, SEO, paid advertising and marketing automation within the B2B Edtech space.

What is EdTech Digital Marketing?

The edtech market, like all technology sectors, is continuing to see vast increases in revenue globally. The COVID pandemic has accentuated this trend with more students studying remotely. Post-pandemic, it seems that the education sector is opting to retain an increased online teaching element. Educational technology, or edtech, has expanded to include educational apps and games, learning management systems (LMS), podcasts, video conferencing software and online discussion forums.

With such a range of opportunities, the edtech market has become crowded, and enhanced multi-channel B2B digital marketing strategies are more important than ever. Digital marketing in Edtech aims to build product and brand awareness and balance this with capitalizing on existing demand.

EdTech Content Tailored to Your Audience

Digital marketing is a perfect fit for edtech companies aiming to develop authority in the industry. Emerging technologies and proprietary products like SaaS, where the solutions and products can often come with in-depth customer education cycles. So producing ongoing and informative blog content and backing this up with social media strategies works exceptionally well.

Proven Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

As an edtech marketing agency, we help edtech companies to refine their branding, telling a compelling story to their prospective and existing clients. Through these strategies, we assist educational technology companies in achieving their business goals and getting measurable ROI.

To achieve this, we design tailored strategies tailored to your goals that understand your business model from top to bottom. Using our industry experience and knowledge of your perfect buyer, we then research avenues to enhance demand through:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitive intelligence and
  • Market research

Diversity is Key to a Successful EdTech Marketing Campaign

The results of this research enable us to create new assets or leverage your existing content to bolster your inbound marketing efforts. Riverbed Marketing is a results-driven organization, and our goal is always ROI positive marketing. The packages that we put together will include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Content Strategy and Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Paid Advertising


Trusted Experts in the EdTech Marketing Space

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