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Increase in Website Leads

The Customer

Aubea is a fintech company that transforms financial data into actionable business intelligence. Using a combination of technology platform, strategy development and consultation they help medium to enterprise level clients relying heavily on complex financial data make operational decisions in real time.

The Challenge

Aubea has a great track record of building strategic solutions for their clients. However, much of their business was built on word of mouth and referrals. Their biggest challenge was generating enough qualified leads to grow the business predictably. They had a great sales cycle, with knowledgeable sales team. They just needed a larger sales pipeline.

The Journey

Mark, President of Aubea, investigated and implemented some lead generation solutions. Their team purchased lists, prospected and cold-called potential prospects, attended trade shows and ran seminars. While some of those activities lead to some new clients, they were very expensive, difficult to scale, and still were providing Mark the lift and growth he was looking for.

The Discovery

Mark was in search of a lead generation solution that could help attract more of his target audience, while converting more leads at his website. After some time researching the market, he learned about inbound marketing – and how much more cost effective inbound can be when compared to traditional marketing and sales costs. Mark was in search of an inbound marketing agency with real experience and results in technology.

Mark reached out and contacted Riverbed Marketing.

The Solution

Our team researched Aubea’s ideal audience, and target profile, using sales data, customer feedback, and insights from the sales team. We development and inbound marketing strategy focused on educating those audiences on their challenges and opportunities. We build a content strategy, researched keywords, developed content, and built a sales-ready website designed to convert leads.

And then we hit the ground running, using blogging, SEO, paid search and sponsored targeting to attract and convert the right prospects to qualified leads. We used marketing automation to help nurture contacts and accelerate efforts and built landing pages that we promoted heavily in the most important channels.

The Results

Within two months of implementing our inbound solution, Aubea began seeing an increase in both traffic and leads, starting with paid media. As we continued to build and promote landing pages, blog and manage marketing automation, traffic and leads continued to trend positively.

By the end of month three Mark had generated his first enterprise level client from our efforts, and was seeing a 200% increase in traffic, with a 22% increase in website leads.

Moreover, the Aubea sales team was spending less time educating, and more time closing. The average close time was reduced by 18%, while the total time investment needed to close each opportunity was reduced by 12%.

After a 6 month period, we generated 416% more website traffic, a 2x increase in qualified leads, a 26% increase in enterprise clients at a cost of only 64% of traditional efforts. Additionally, Aubea’s new lead generation solution had already paid for the cost to hire our team for the year.

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