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BrightVolt grows it's online audience by 200% with Riverbed Marketing

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Increase in Website Leads

The Customer

BrightVolt is a global leader in the design, development and scale manufacturing of ultra-thin film, flexible batteries for IoT applications and smart cards. They focus on developing energy solutions for several markets, including technology startups, finance and security.

The Challenge

BrightVolt wanted to solve two problems; they weren’t converting enough sales-qualified leads, and they didn’t have advanced in-house skill in HubSpot – the primary tool they used for marketing activities. They are a small team, with limited, but growing resources.

A portion of their leads were received through a traditional contact page on the website, as well as by phone. They had some content assets and resources they could be utilizing to draw in more leads, but because their in-house skillset was very strong in strategy and thought leadership, and less so in tactical execution, they struggled to implement those ideas effectively and track improvements.

In order to do this all effectively, they would need to modernize their website; making it both responsive and sales-ready, focused on their ideal audiences.

The Journey

Venetia and the BrightVolt team explored potential avenues. They hired local consultants to work with them and build up their marketing strategy. They reached out to web development and design companies to gain insight on new website strategies. Despite gaining some positive education inbound and B2B lead generation, they were unable to find a vendor they were confident moving forward with.

The Discovery

Venetia and the BrightVolt team engaged in conversations with Riverbed Marketing after we reached out directly to their company from a referral. They were keen on discussing their challenges and opportunities with a qualified and experienced company but were not committed to any given solution yet.

The Solution

BrightVolt agreed to move ahead with a new sales-ready responsive website, inbound strategy and HubSpot automation work. The solution solved their primary problems by setting up content assets (whitepaper and a battery guide) as premium content downloads using new landing pages, and by upgrading the website to appeal to their ideal audience.

The Results

Within a 6-month period of building the new website, the inbound strategy and targeted landing pages we seen a consistent improvement in results. BrightVolt was now getting 1000% more website traffic. They also saw a lift in marketing and sales qualified leads – almost 2x more than they were receiving prior to our engagement. Finally, they yielded 2 new enterprise level clients, and increased website conversions by 200% after engaging with Riverbed Marketing.
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