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How Connected City had a 900% increase in Website Conversions

How Did We Do It?


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Increase in Website Leads

The Customer

ConnectedCity™ is a patent-pending, digital technology platform for democratizing and revitalizing cities and neighbourhoods. Their mission is to drive spending locally to achieve their vision of economically sustainable communities. The technology platform solves technology challenges for local businesses that lack the necessary tools for connecting and selling to today’s online shoppers.

The Challenge

Gary Taylor, president of ConnectedCity™, had a challenge. As Founder and President of the tech startup, he tasked himself with product development – and needed early adoption of the platform by both businesses and consumers in the marketplace. Early success for the platform would generate the much-needed revenue to grow, prove the business model was feasible and attract additional rounds of capital.

Traditional forms of marketing such as direct marketing and advertising were too costly and unpredictable. At the same time, hiring a call or sales team were options that were considered risky and not likely to be cost-effective by their team.

The Journey

Gary hired consultants to help him better understand how to reach the right market for the platform. At the same time, he began researching inbound marketing options and calculating what ROI from inbound looks like for a startup like his. However, it was a challenge for him to find a team with inbound marketing technology experience that could help build a base of growth for the startup.

The Discovery

Gary found Riverbed Marketing by searching Google for marketing technology partners. He shortlisted three companies including ours, and began the vetting process to determine which company had the most experience within the vertical, as well as with inbound. Within approximately 30 days, Gary hired us to begin our work as his marketing extension.

The Solution

We started by building a demand generation strategy for ConnectedCity™, which we call our Inbound Gameplan. The strategic project forms and documents the entire marketing strategy for the organization over the next 2 years. It also clarifies ideal buyers and customers and their purchase behaviours; how and where they search and what their challenges and opportunities are.

Once this was completed, we went to work executing on the strategy, attracting visitors using inbound channels like SEO, social media and Google Ads campaigns. We setup analytics and conversion tracking, and built the CPL and CPA models (cost per acquisition models). This was highly valuable in calculating ROI for the campaign, and determining where, and how to best shift budgets over time.

Finally, while we managed SEO, Ads and social media campaigns, we worked with Gary and his team on conversion optimization. We helped draft better wireframes to positionally improve page elements and improve the user experience and journey.


Todd Mumford and Riverbed Marketing combine a sincere passion and vast knowledge for inbound marketing, with unbeatable customer relationship management. They are doing an outstanding job for us and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to drive results for their business online.”Gary Taylor, Founder and President, ConnectedCity™

The Results

Within a 6-month period of building the inbound marketing strategy and executing on marketing activities, they have seen a consistent improvement in results. ConnectedCity™ was now getting 544% more traffic, of which 412% was organic. They also saw a lift in customers – almost 3x more customers signing up to the platform than previous to our engagement. Finally, they yielded 300+ new customers and increased website conversions by 900% after engaging with Riverbed Marketing.

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