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The Customer

Steve, President of Pro Bed Medical, had a challenge. The company had been doing well over the last 15 years, largely growing on referrals, partnership and outbound calling.

However, Steve started to notice that it was challenging for sales to generate enough interest in the Freedom Bed – their flagship product. They were heavily dependent on traditional sales strategies, and were finding their messages were beginning to fall on deaf ears. Year after years, sales started to decline.

They needed a way to predictably market both education and their product, to generate a much more robust sales pipeline. They were also very interested in modernizing their existing sales technology so that they could work more efficiently.


“The Riverbed Marketing team was able to fill an important gap in our marketing department, connecting sales with inbound marketing, and ramping up our lead generation efforts” –Steve Plummer, Pro Bed Medical

The Challenge

Founded in 1989 Pro Bed Medical Technologies has dedicated itself to provide the very best in therapeutic lateral rotation medical beds. The Freedom Bed™ is a computer controlled therapy system that was designed with the human condition as its primary focus. The Freedom Bed™ was developed to automatically and quietly rotate the individual to relieve pressure and re-establish blood flow.

The Journey

Steve and the leadership team worked with their sales team to improve processes, communications and their approach. Additionally, they hired an internal administrative assistant, part of whose role was to help manage areas of inbound marketing like social media.

While those changes helped, they weren’t the elixir Steve and his team needed to turn around sales and grow the company.

The Discovery

Steve began educating himself online and within his peer group on inbound marketing. He was interested in learning more about how to build up the sales pipeline, and attract a wider “funnel” of people who would be interested to learn more about the Freedom Bed.

Eventually, Steve starting learning about healthcare marketing and medical device marketing, and quickly made a decision to interview local inbound marketing companies to help him better market and generate leads.

Steve reached out to Riverbed Marketing after learning that we have experience and success with medical device and healthcare companies – specifically with inbound marketing and lead generation with proficiencies in B2B and B2C campaigns.

The Solution

Steve hired our agency to solve the primary challenge he had, and our team hit the ground running.

We started with our inbound marketing strategy – our Inbound Foundation. This detailed strategy allows us to target ideal clients and audiences; understanding precisely how, where and why they search for products like the Freedom Bed – and companies like Pro Bed Medical. This work is the best foundation for every healthcare company in targeting the right audience, and generating the right leads.

Our strategic work – completed in month one – focused on buyer persona development, content strategy, competitive analysis, keyword research and content calendar development.

Now that a strong strategy was in place, our team set forth to execute on the strategy. We researched the space, met several times with the client and quickly learned and emulated the company’s style and tone.

We build high quality content – writing blog posts, eBooks and landing pages for the company. We use this core content production, every month, to fuel SEO, social media, blog posts and new landing pages. Our process has allowed us to efficiently accelerate efforts for this client, using the HubSpot platform.

The Results

After their first year of the marketing campaign, ProBed Medical had a predictable pipeline of online leads with an increase of +1,416% in monthly visitors and 4x the leads previously generated. This allowed them to focus on ramping up their sales team and expanding to new countries in pursuit of distribution opportunities.


This continued trajectory of growth has allowed them to focus more on operational development and venturing further into B2B marketing campaigns as a primary channel to their sales pipeline.

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