How PTIFA increased it's audience by over 275%

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The Customer

The Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics is an advanced anatomy-based facial rejuvenation training organization known it’s high caliber of teaching and patient care practices. PTIFA is the world’s number one educational provider in the field of facial rejuvenation (botulinum toxin type A, dermal fillers, lasers and more)

The Challenge

PTIFA is a growing company, and since being founded in 2008, have grown by word of mouth and referrals. Due to both their high quality of knowledge and experience, as well as organized education, they have been well-received and recognized in their industry.

Competition in this industry has become increasingly strong. As pioneers in this field, PTIFA wasn’t concerned about retaining business – they wanted to grow. Their opportunity to increase their training capacity and subsequent revenues convinced them to actively pursue inbound marketing. Their goal? To fill available training spots and expand into the prairies and beyond.

However, marketing to dental practices and other physicians was not easy. At the rate that they were generating new signups, they would not be able to reach their growth goal.


“If you want a black-belt inbound marketing team, look no further. The guys at Riverbed Marketing rock!” – Carly Roberts, Executive Director at PTIFA

The Journey

The team considered a number of alternatives to try and solve the problem. They considered increasing the sales team; adding a full time business development role who would prospect and build business. Additionally, they worked on setting up and running their own advertising campaigns. Both avenues proved less effective than they had hoped, and they quickly discovered that they would need to invest in proper inbound marketing, with an agency that had experience in their space.

The Discovery

Carly and the PTIFA team began searching for a team with specific experience in both healthcare and inbound marketing. They rounded up a list of agencies and begann the careful process of seleccting the right agency.

During their interview process, our team was suggested by a vendor, and we were added to the process. Three weeks later, we were proud to be selected to work with PTIFA on their inbound marketing initiatives.

The Solution

Our team started by developing an inbound strategy for PTIFA. We call this the Inbound Foundation. Comprised of key research, data and messaging, this foundation serves to define the base audience our client’s products and service resonates with best. We call this the ideal client profile.

Once we had clearly defined buyer personas, keyword targeted and knew where our ideal audience searched for answers to their challenges, we got set with content strategy and content writing.

Once our base content strategy was set, we set forth to promote and market highly focused content which helped solve challenges in the industry for ideal clients. This included blogs, landing pages, eBooks, social media messages, webinar content and visual content.

This branded content was promoted and accelerated using SEO, paid search, Linkedin.com promotion and social media sharing.

The Results

Within 4 months of implementing our inbound marketing solution, PTIFA saw an increase in website traffic of 170%, with a 10% reduction in the sales cycle. By month 6, the company was getting 275% more website traffic, a 20% reduction in the sales cycle and a 2x increase in leads generated from their website.

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