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The Customer

Riipen is a B2B SaaS Experiential Learning platform designed to bring Employers, Teachers, & Students together. Their proprietary platform hosts collaborative project boards that allow for unique and powerful learning experiences to take place between organizations and educational industries.

Their experiential learning solutions provide a deep learning experience for students with the opportunity to develop real-world field experience that provides rewarding academic accreditation.

The Challenge

Riipen developed a strong foundation of connections between organizations and students and invested time developing a world-class experiential platform. However, their marketing efforts were heavily focused on internal development for existing registrars which meant the front-facing website lacked the necessary depth to draw in new inbound audiences.

With their pools of existing referrals and email lists being well-utilized, they were in need to improve their lead generation from the website to draw in new relevant prospects and ramp up leads to their sales pipelines.

Their front-facing website had a great design but was lacking landing pages that targeted their three key areas of business for Employers, Educators, and Students. They also needed a better lead scoring & lead segmentation solution to help prioritize high value leads from casual trial sign-ups.

The Journey

Their internal marketing team was executing high-value tasks with user retention & lead nurturing which was keeping them busy regularly. Although they knew they needed to improve their inbound marketing and front-facing website, they had plenty to keep them busy and needed some help to get them over this next growth hurdle.

After several website updates, and changes in URLs, they were not satisfied with their lead generation from the website. They knew they needed external assistance to augment their marketing team as they moved toward their next chapter of growth.

The Discovery

Riipen’s marketing coordinator investigated several inbound marketing agencies in Canada and across North America. They carefully inspected companies using Google search and via LinkedIn company searches to identify a shortlist of candidates.

After a comprehensive discovery call and a detailed roadmap were provided, they decided to begin working with Riverbed Marketing to optimize their Hubspot configuration and begin building inbound marketing optimized landing pages.

The Solution

Riverbed Marketing worked with their marketing team to understand the unique value proposition of their offer and refine the marketing message on the website to align with its mission & branding.

They constructed 3 landing pages & refined the home page content for improved lead generation and inbound traffic. They worked to integrate the necessary B2B marketing optimizations across the necessary pages by refining the marketing message.

With the website’s content optimized, they moved to integrate Hubspot analytics and lead attribution for richer insights into leads generated. They implemented a lead scoring system for each respective sales department to handle the unique needs of each, providing a solution to prioritize high-value leads amongst a big volume of new contacts.

The Results

With some additional collaboration between Riverbed and their marketing team, Riipen launched their new inbound optimized landing pages and began leveraging their lead scoring & lead prioritization processes with their sales teams.

As a result, Riipen has been able to more effectively generate, capture, segment, and prioritize their prospect leads for each of the unique needs of the 3 core sales teams within their organization.

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