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Explore Our 8-Stage B2B Marketing Strategy and Process

Using a data-driven process, we build laser-targeted B2B marketing strategies that measurable results and ROIng your primary buyers with high quality content on your website.


Pinpoint who your ideal prospects are; where and how do they search, and why do they buy.

• Customer Interviews

• Sales Discovery (Data & Team)

• Customer Insights

• Surveys

• Competitive Research

• Audience Analysis

• Customer Acquisition


Develop a targeted inbound strategy and deliver the right message to those prospects at the right time

• Buyer Personas

• Keyword Research

• Site Audience Strategy

• Customer Journey

• Content Strategy

• Content Mapping

• Competitive Analysis

• KPI Targets

• Goal Setting


Build a powerful system needed to automate and accelerate marketing activities

• Setup and Configuration


• Tools

• Growth-Driven Website Design

• Marketing Automation

• Team Automation Training


Build and optimize compelling brand content targeted to your prospects, attracting them to your website

• Content Calendar

• Social Media


• Video

• Paid Search

• Sponsored Search

• Inbound PR


Build targeted landing pages and premium content designed to convert those website visitors to warm leads

 Landing Pages

• Calls To Action (CTAs)

• Educational Content

• Automation

• A/B Testing

• Lead Generation Offers


Build a warm, trusting relationship with your new audience by sending customized, automated messages and content designed to inform, educate and inspire

• Email Marketing

• Lead Scoring

• Lead Nurturing

• Appointment Setting

• Lead Segmentation

• Visitor Retention Strategy


Equip client-facing employees and sales teams with the ability to consistently build a valuable, educated conversation with customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer journey.

• Connecting Sales to Content

• Content Repurposing

• Advanced Analytics

• Pitch and Content Optimization

• Sales Training & Support


Close marketing gaps and feedback, learn from our efforts, continuously improving the cycle and efficiency

• Review Goals

• Results Analysis

• Marketing Gap Analysis

• Close Loops

• Readjust and Measure

The team at Riverbed marketing has been a fantastic support to our digital efforts. The planning, communication, strategies and work effort has been impressive. I am really enjoying working with the whole team and seeing the results with our ranking and traffic. This is a great agency to work with to grow your online presence!

Paula de Jong, Principal @ Squamish Adventure

Professional, proven and to the point. These guys truly know inbound marketing, from start to finish.

Rick Sloboda, Principal @ Web Copy Plus

Riverbed Marketing have opened the doors to a new stream of business for Wardell International, by implementing a comprehensive strategy for inbound & content marketing. As a service-based company, we knew it was essential to find a way to leverage our content for growth. Riverbed Marketing took the guesswork out of this process I would highly recommend them to any company wanting to expand their digital marketing.

Mark Wardell, President @ Wardell International

The attention to detail, the way in which you build an online marketing strategy and make it happen, and confidence in building the results you have achieved for us are a breath of fresh air in the marketing industry.

Geoff Lee, Founder & CEO @ GLM Mortgage Group

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