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Accelerate Results with Marketing and Sales Alignment

Align marketing and sales and fine-tune your sales force for peak performance


of ideal buyers skip the sales team when making decisions


More Sales Leads Generated Using Inbound Marketing

Sales Enablement Solutions

If your sales team is going to operate at maximum capacity, your organization needs to equip them with the tools they need; sales enablement helps your salespeople achieve peak effectiveness.

In the traditional sales landscape, salespeople spend about 11% of their time actively pursuing sales, while the modern sales enablement process allows the other 89% to also be spent selling. To successfully connect with high-level buyers, salespeople need equip unrestricted access to the right tools and resources.

Why is Sales Enablement Important?

People willingly and enthusiastically buy products, accept your terms of doing business, pay full price, are happy with their purchases – when they feel heard, satisfied, and fulfilled – ironically, very similarly to how sales people want to be treated by their employers.

Ready to make more sales?

Unite Sales & Marketing Departments

The old view of sales and marketing teams would have you believe they fight like cats and dogs – and while they’ve been known to step on each others toes, the unification and alignment of sales and marketing departments is elemental in increasing and optimizing sales processes.

Coined as “Smarketers” by the inbound guru’s at Hubspot, MarketingProfs tells us companies can effectively boost customer retention by 36% and sales win by 38% employing the many benefits of a properly aligned sales/marketing team that sees eye-to-eye. And as we know, even a 1% sales increase can benefit your bottom line by as much as 2.8% — and every 5% increase in customer retention can add another 25-95%


boost in sales


increase in customer retention

Well-Equipped Sales Teams Close More Leads

No matter how effective and slick your marketing campaign may be, end the buying process on a weak salesperson? Kiss your sale goodbye.

It’s no surprise that dedicated employees perform well because they feel heard and fulfilled at work. The best and most successful salespeople love working where they feel supported — and this includes having access to state-of-the-art tools, resources, and ideas.

Traditionally, these types of supportive companies have been few and far between – but that outlook is quickly changing. Organizations that position the happiness and ability of their employees at the forefront of company objectives  the word spreads fast and attracts great salespeople. Just think of the magnetic attraction of innovative and supportive companies like Xerox, Intel, and IBM in the 70s and 80s, and Google and Facebook in today’s market.

The tools may have changed over the years, but what’s remained are good salespeople who seek out companies where they can have access to the tools and resources they need to become great salespeople. When you couple an innovative sales culture with great tools and processes, your salespeople will meet and exceed goals with enthusiasm and tenacity.

Train Customer-Facing Employees to Delight Current Customers

Your customer-facing employees may not be called salespeople, per se, but they must be able to engage prospects in meaningful and supportive ways, to direct them on to the right experts.

Since revenue-generation is a top priority for any B2B organization, every team member must be fully engaged in contributing to it. Some directly – some indirectly – but everyone in the company is connected to sales; everyone in every department must be ready and able to handle new enquiries – and they’ll do this by making good initial interactions with prospects.

Improve Sales Effectiveness by Tracking Your Customer’s Journey

The proverbial golden nugget of wisdom for any marketing champion is authentic feedback from prospects inside your sales funnel.

When you know this crucial customer journey info, you can tweak your sales process so that there are no objections and minimum resistance by the time prospects are introduced to your salespeople to successfully complete the transaction.

Why Choose Sales Enablement?

Authentic sales enablement improves sales effectiveness via genuine treatment of people, the alignment of sales/marketing, and the ability to delight customers. We can help fine-tune your sales force for peak performance by re-evaluating and defining the tools and resources needed for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Tired of kissing those sales goodbye?

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