5 Effective Keyword Optimization Strategies

If you want to rank in search engines for specific keywords, then you will want to focus your online marketing strategy for those keywords. Of course, you’ll have to do it carefully as Google has been cracking down on over optimization and other unnatural tactics when it comes to search optimization. The following are five effective ways to optimize your online presence for the keywords your customers are searching for.


Know Your Keywords (Plural)

Everyone knows that keyword research is essential. The key to effective keyword research is to not focus on one keyword, but to focus on many of them. Your customers are not all going to search for web analytics software – they are going to look for analytics tools, analytics platforms, analytics data provider, and so forth. The more keywords you know are applicable for your company, the more variety you can use in your SEO strategy.

If Google’s Keyword Planner is not providing enough inspiration for you when trying to find additional keyword ideas, then look to your competitor’s websites. The larger your competitors are, the more likely it is that they have invested into extensive keyword research.

Once you have a list of great keywords, you will need to separate them into two categories: commercial and non-commercial. Commercial keywords are those that are used by potential customers to buy a product (such as web analytics software), whereas non-commercial keywords are those that are used by people who just want information (such as web analytics). Both are valuable, but need to be used in different ways.

Use Keywords to Optimize both On & Offsite Properties

If you haven’t already, be sure to optimize key pages on your website using your commercial keywords. If you have a list of commercial keywords that fit different products and services that you offer, be sure to create a landing page that incorporates that keyword and focuses on the corresponding product or service individually.

In addition to having individual pages to rank for specific keywords, these landing pages can be used when promoting specific products or services through targeted advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and other platforms. Keyword-targeted landing pages have a higher chance of converting over homepages or general pages with multiple products and services.

Create Blog Posts for Non-Commercial Keywords

Non-commercial keywords have their purpose – specifically, on your blog. While they may not attract customers who are ready to buy, using these keywords to optimize your blog posts can attract potential customers from search who may be ready to buy in the future.

Creating content around non-commercial keywords related to your industry can help you build your company up as an authority. If you can capture your visitors as subscribers, you can work towards converting them in the future.

Use Keywords in Social Profiles

Google isn’t the only search engine on the Internet. Use keywords to optimize your social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. This way, people on those networks who are searching can discover your company. Not only that, but when people search for your company on Google, they will see that your website and your social profile message are all aligned with the same keyword focus.

Link Your Company Name Next to Related Keywords

To avoid running into an issue with over-optimization while still optimizing for specific keywords, use the keywords next to the links you build. Instead of using Your Product, a web analytics software, with web analytics software as the anchor text, use Your Product as the anchor text instead. You gain a branded link, while still associating with it with the proper keywords.

In addition to association, get links to your website on pages that use related keywords. Media links can be especially valuable – using services such as HARO can help you connect with journalists that need sources from experts in specific industries such as yours.

If this all sounds like too much hassle, feel free to reach out to our team of SEO specialists at Riverbed Marketing to sweat the small stuff for you.

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