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of B2B companies employ dedicated content marketers


of consumers are influenced by custom content

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From first contact to final transaction, the goal of B2B content marketing is to deepen the interest of your ideal audience, earn their trust and respect, then convert those prospects into loyal customers. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of B2B companies employ dedicated people to oversee their content marketing efforts. They take it that seriously. Businesses know over 61% of consumers are influenced by custom content. In fact, according to the DemandGen Report, 95% of buyers chose to purchase from companies that provide plenty of captivating and valuable content during their buying process.

B2B Content Marketing Solutions & Strategy

Content marketing is elemental to a successful campaign – it’s not a side note in your overall marketing plan. To tackle it properly, you need both a defined content strategy and the right team to help it to its thing.

Why Invest in B2B Content Marketing?

B2B Content marketing demonstrates authority, builds thought leadership, and trust. Making content a priority, you need a well-planned content marketing strategy. Let us fine-tune your content strategy and its distribution, so your content is highly attractive to your target market while positioning you as a market leader.

Demonstrate Authority. Build thought leadership. Generate more leads.

Demonstrate Authority Through Targeted B2B Content

Great brands like yours build great content. While your competitors relentlessly chase after, and feverishly fight for the next sale, you can demonstrate your authority and expertise with highly impactful content. Educating your audience – without asking for anything in return – builds trust and loyalty, and trusted authorities can sell against zero, or very little resistance.


of buyers choose companies that provide valuable content

Build Thought Leadership

It’s time to lead. In every civilized society since the dawn of time, teachers have been revered, respected, and trusted. While your competitors are busy trying to assert their expertise, you can quietly take the next step by demonstrating it. Those who demonstrate their expertise – rather than compete over recognition of their knowledge – are the true experts in their field, and their content reflects it. Demonstrating thought leadership is akin to going beyond the trending stats and opinions – true content marketing innovators ignite conversation, introduce new thinking, and solve issues. Content marketing is experiential education at its best, and the world is your classroom.

Develop Google Authority by Attracting Inbound Links

Client acquisition is made up by two parts: Generating traffic, and converting that traffic to paying clients. Good content that demonstrates education and innovative thinking converts traffic better than anything else, but first you need to attract that traffic – and lucky for you, Google rewards companies that invest in building high quality content for their audience. Build highly valuable, original content for your target audience, fulfill both criteria – generating quality traffic and converting a high percentage to warm sales leads.

Generate Warm Leads & Better Pre-Qualify Potential Customers through B2B Content

Great inbound marketing helps warm up your prospects from a state of “disinterested” to the point of “ready to buy,” but at any given time, only 3% of sales-ready leads are ready to buy – and only 6-7% are open to buy from you again down the road. Another 30% are not thinking about buying from you, but may in the future – and 30% don’t think they’re interested in buying from you. How do we manage and nurture these relationships, these potential future clients and customers? The beauty of inbound marketing is can stay in touch and nurture relationships with the 70% of visitors who can become clients down the road. Inbound content requires patience, but any agency worth their salt will tell you up front that good things come to those who wait. Content marketing consistently seeks to develop meaningful relationships with qualified leads by answering pain points, inspiring new conversations, and nurturing discovery.