20 Ways To Improve Online Conversion Rate. Fast.

Whether the goal of your website is to have customers join your mailing list to generate leads or to make a purchase, increasing the percentage of visitors who complete your desired action is known as website conversion. Taking steps to improve online conversion rate will lower the cost per acquisition (CPA) and positively impact all areas of your marketing strategy. The following are 20 ways to improve your website conversion fast and start realizing greater returns.

Load Speed

  •  Improve the loading speed of your site. Various studies have shown potential customers will leave a site if it hasn’t loaded within three seconds. Over 75 percent of consumers have gone to a competitor site during peak search times if their original choice was slow to load.

Website/On-page Optimizations

  • You will lose a significant percentage of potential conversions if your site is only optimized for one or two browser. Be sure it displays well on all browsers (check current stats on browser usage) so you do not limit your market.
  • Accessibility is paramount. If people are unable to use your site they will go elsewhere.
  • Responsive design will ensure users have a good experience with your site from any device. Mobile web usage has surpassed computer digital media access, so ensuring your site’s design adapts to all screen sizes is crucial.


  • A clearly defined call to action (CTA) should be placed where it is immediately visible. This does not preclude placing another CTA near the end of the information for potential customers who read all of the content before converting.
  • All points of action such as CTA buttons, should be bold and highly visible to encourage action.


  • Users have to be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Is your site designed with the user in mind, making it easy for them to find more information or get help if needed?
  • Headlines need to have great impact in as few words as possible. Keep them direct and focused.

A/B Testing

  • Employ split testing to determine what your users respond to best. Test variables such as pictures, CTA, colours and font styles to determine what works.

Clear & Concise Forms

  • Keep forms short and concise. Requiring too much information can be deemed too time-consuming and an invasion of privacy. Ask only for information that is required to fulfill your website goal.
  • Align the amount of information in form fields you ask for from the user with the value of the offer you are providing in exchange for the lead.

Trust Factor(s)

  • Honesty and transparency are very important. If an item is on back order for the foreseeable future, say so. Do not offer an incredible low price on an item and add unrealistic shipping and handling charges.
  • Build trust with testimonials. Adding a section with testimonials from real people helps to inspire trust, particularly if they are from your online groups.
  • Trust is also gained by having a physical address and telephone number published clearly on the site.
  • Be sure to have a return policy that works for the customer. A clearly defined and followed return policy is essential to build good faith and inspire buyer confidence.


  • Offer a variety of payment options so you do not limit potential conversions based on a lack of a credit card or preferred payment method.
  • Incorporate options for your customers when they are looking at products or adding them to their shopping cart. Whether it is an item that suits their taste better or works as an additional on sale, you are giving a value-added benefit.

Knowledgeable & Up-to-Date

  • Be an expert in your field. Provide information that appeals to your target market and not just hard sale information. People research before they purchase online so make sure they have something to study and compare.
  • Update your site regularly. A site that appears abandoned rather than updated frequently will lose credibility.


  • Create urgency for your users using scarcity of time or quantity. Done properly, this can inspire customers to respond faster.
  • Understand and use your unique selling proposition (USP) to set your business apart from your competition and make your company memorable.

Applying website conversion tactics may be time-consuming but can produce improved results fast. Start implementing the tips today and start measuring the improved return on investment (ROI) and decreased CPA almost immediately.

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Todd Mumford