Each year digital marketers get to enjoy a round-up of major marketing conferences and events. It’s no secret that the marketing world knows how to throw a first-class event. Chalked full of innovative and captivating keynote speakers, copious amounts of in-depth knowledge, and incredible networking opportunities to build up your identity are just a few of the reasons why no one hosts a conference quite like the marketing industry.

2016 was another incredible year for marketing conferences and networking events, but 2017 is already shaping up to be one of the best yet. In this post, we’ve outlined some of the best upcoming marketing conferences that should be on your team’s calendar.


World Social Marketing Conference

Location: Washington, DC, USA

Date: May 16-17, 2017

Focus: Social media marketing and its relationship to tracking and inspiring behavioural changes in marketing.

Conference Founder: Professor Jeff French, Conference Chair

Official Twitter Handle: @WSMConference

Official Site: http://wsmconference.com/washington-dc-2017/

Cost: Public Sector: $785.00 USD, Private Sector: $1,095.00 USD

Relevance Today: The WSMC focuses on capturing and spreading good practices in social marketing to increase efficiency and effectiveness on both operational and strategic levels.

Why You Should Go: Go for the first-class speakers! Notable keynote speakers for 2017 include the Chief of Communication for Development Section of Unicef, Rafael Obregon; Professor John Sterman, Director at MIT System Dynamics Group; and Elizabeth Fox, Director of the Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition, USAID.


2017 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference

Location: Napa Valley, California, USA

Date: May 21-23rd, 2017

Focus: Digital marketing, marketing strategy, content marketing and mobile marketing best practices

Conference Founder: PCG Companies

Official Social Handle: @DigitalMarketingStrategiesConference

Official Site: http://digitalmarketingstrategies.org

Cost: $995

Relevance Today: Geared at challenging the traditional marketing methodologies of the high-stakes automotive sales industry, the DMSC is an annual event that aims to integrate and advance digital marketing into team-based sales.

Why You Should Go: This is an event like no other. Coupling top industry thought leaders like Eddy Viola from Facebook, and marketing leadership guru Brian Pasch, the wine-and-dine splendour of the Napa Valley’s wine culture, and a plethora of imaginative workshops make this is a well-rounded and enjoyable event that’s sure to please.


Brand Innovators Summits

Location: All over the USA

Date: April – September 2017

Focus: Brand Innovators focuses on a plethora of important marketing topics and subtopics ranging from marketing innovation, content marketing, mobile technology and millennials, consumer engagement, and marketing to women.

Conference Founder: Brandon Gutman, @brandongutman; Marc Sternberg, @TheBrandMaestro

Official Twitter Handle: @Brand_Innovator

Official Site: http://brand-innovators.com/


Relevance Today: The Brand Innovators Summits divulges huge knowledge about everything modern marketers need to know to target diverse markets of consumers, and accomplish goals through multiple different spectrums of marketing including content, social media, consumer experience and retail, and brand management.

Why You Should Go: Go for the opportunity to meet and engage with industry professionals who spill all the best practices, provide case studies and proof points to illustrate how the best of the best are able to leverage electronic and digital media to grow their brands.


SharePoint Fest Denver 2017

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Date: May 30 – June 2nd, 2017

Focus: Enterprise Content Management, Implementation/Administration, Business Value, Search, Business Intelligence, Office 365, SharePoint

Conference Founder: N/A

Official Twitter Handle: @SharePointFest

Official Site: http://www.sharepointfest.com/

Cost: $795

Relevance Today: This is a customizable experience. Being taught in-class means you can attend technical classes and workshops to mix and match what your organization needs most.

Why You Should Go: SharePoint Fest allows attendees to bring along a team of developers, IT pros and business teams to improve organizational skills – at a discount, no less. Taught by certified Microsoft engineers and trainers, over 80 classes and workshops spread over 4 days means SharePoint Fest can be used as a pseudo training seminar.



CRMC 2017

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date: June 7-9th, 2017

Focus: Retail, Retail Marketing, CRM, Retail CRM, Loyalty, Shopper Trends, Customer Experience, Consumer Marketing Strategies

Conference Founder: Created and hosted by Forma, s.r.o.; Kelly Eisinger, Director of CRM and Advisory Board Chairwoman

Official Twitter Handle: @CRMCRetail

Official Site: https://www.thecrmc.com

Cost: $800 – $2400

Relevance Today: Heralded as one of the best events in the modern retail marketing industry, This event is designed for retailers, by retailers.

Why You Should Go: The aim of CRMC is to help foster relationships and networking opportunities through a fast-paced agenda for attendees representing over 150 prime retailers like Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, Lucky Brand, Walgreens, Costco, Pier 1, and Steve Madden.



Location: Santa Monica, California, USA

Date: June 14-15, 2017

Focus: Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Sales, Business Strategy, Marketing Technology, Content Strategy, Usability/Design, Mobile Marketing Automation

Conference Host: Search Experiences

Official Twitter Handle: @DIGIMARCON

Official Site: http://digimarconwest.com

Cost: $295 – $995

Relevance Today: Places emphasis on driving stronger customer engagement, increasing sales and improving the quality of leads generated from your digital marketing efforts.

Why You Should Go: This is the largest digital marketing conference series in the world – as a premiere conference event, DIGIMARCON invites some of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world. Each event includes hands-on product demo’s, workshops, speaker series’, and huge networking opportunities.


Digital Marketing World Forum – London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Date: June 19-20, 2017

Focus: Inbound Marketing

Conference Founder: Six Degrees Events Ltd

Official Twitter Handle: @DigiMarketingWF

Official Site: https://www.digitalmarketing-conference.com/global/

Cost: $115 – $230

Relevance Today: The Digital Marketing World Forum only focuses on the latest-and-greatest. They showcase the latest in digital marketing technologies and strategies, as well as Virtual Reality, artificial intelligence, eCommerce, and influencer marketing.

Why You Should Go: Over 1000 attendees, three different conference streams and over 20 esteemed speakers representing brands and organizations like Forbes, Ricoh, HSBC, The New York Times, Telegraph Media Group and Virgin.


Call to Action Conference

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date: June 25-27, 2017

Focus: Digital Marketing, Conversion Strategy, Content Marketing, PPC, Email Marketing, Copywriting

Conference Founder: Unbounce

Official Twitter Handle: @unbounce

Official Site: http://calltoactionconference.unbounce.com

Cost: $299

Relevance Today: CTAConf does its best to offer a new kind of marketing conference, embracing an aura of problem-solving, knowledge sharing and relationship building. Hand picked speakers deliver a powerful mix of digital marketing know-how in digestible and memorable single-track events.

Why You Should Go: At only 4-years-old, the CTAConf is already featuring internationally renowned speakers like the ‘Wizard of Moz’ Rand Fishkin, Facebook’s Marketing Expert Mari Smith, and Co-founder of Unbounce Oli Gardner. Plus, they’re polite and thoughtful like most Canadians – providing breakfast, lunch, after parties, swag, and full recordings of every session so you don’t miss a thing!



World Domination Summit

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Date: July 11-17, 2017

Focus: Goal realization and acquisition

Conference Founder:

Official Twitter Handle: #WDS2017

Official Site: https://worlddominationsummit.com

Cost: N/A

Relevance Today: Inspiration and unique perspectives are critical to marketing initiatives in 2017 – this event is specifically focused on helping you realize your full potential .

Why You Should Go: In it’s 6th year, WDS 2017 is arguably the most unique conference on this list – World Domination is less about marketing as it is about finding ways to boost your own self-fulfillment in everything you do, from travelling to writing your first book, to living the best life possible. If you’re looking for some serious inspiration from unconventional thinkers to influence your marketing strategy – this is the place!


Digital Summit – Portland

Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

Date: July 12-13, 2017

Focus: Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Advertising

Conference Founder:

Official Twitter Handle: @DigSumPortland

Official Site: http://portland.digitalsummit.com

Cost: $295 – $995

Relevance Today: Digital Summit Portland is designed specifically to ramp up your customer strategies and practical solutions to issues stemming from content creation, search and SEO, email, mobile & video applications, as well as social media.

Why You Should Go: Attend for the brilliant speakers from brands like Apple, Facebook, Google, eBay, GM, Pinterest, Moz, Gap, PayPal and more. Not to mention some amazing content and productive networking cues thanks to over 40 available sessions and workshops. Also, there’s some nice perks like open bars, cool swag, and free WiFi.



Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Date: July 17-19, 2017

Focus: SEO, brand development, CRO, mobile, analytics and customer service, content and social marketing.

Conference Founder: Rand Fishkin, the Wizard of Moz

Official Twitter Handle: @Moz, #MozCon

Official Site: https://moz.com/mozcon

Cost: $1,049 – $1,549 – Discounts for groups of 5-9 @ $899

Relevance Today: A focus on SEO means helping your brand evolve its approach to interpreting digital info, and tailoring your digital approach to help your brand rank better online.

Why You Should Go: You’ll have the ability to connect with Moz staff, speakers and industry leaders, aside from benefitting from the conferences reputation as a forward-thinking, next-level event that focuses on ranking higher and deciphering search results to make data-driven marketing choices. And, the Moz robot, Roger, will be there.



The Content Experience

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date: August 22-13, 3017

Focus: Content optimization

Conference Founder: Uberflip

Official Twitter Handle: @uberflip

Official Site: http://contentexperience.uberflip.com

Cost: $529 – $749

Relevance Today: Learn how to create, manage, and optimize content experiences for the entire buyer journey from leading industry experts – like Jay Baer from Convince & Convert; Oli Gardner from Unbounce; and Ann Handley, Chief Marketing Officer with MarketingProfs.

Why You Should Go: The Content Experience is all about learning what it takes to create change and build an incredibly efficient team and providing actionable tips and information to grow on your existing content and its usability. Plus, if you’re from the US, the Canadian price tag is a great perk to heading north.


Connect to Convert 2017

Location: New York City, USA

Date: August 21-23, 2017

Focus: Customer acquisition through customer experience and retention

Conference Founder: LeadsCon

Official Twitter Handle: @leadscon

Official Site: http://www.leadscon.com/connecttoconvert/

Cost: $895 (early bird) – $1,195

Relevance Today: Focuses on optimizing pay-per-call campaigns, click-through rates that help to drive more sales, increase inbound leads by boosting shares and viral marketing. Further, Connect to Convert helps attendees to better understand leveraging paid search as a channel for qualified B2B lead generation.

Why You Should Go: To learn and better understand the world of vertical media and direct-response marketing through lead generation and performance marketing.



An Event Apart

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date: August 28-30, 2017

Focus: Digital design, code, content marketing, practical branding.

Conference Founder: N/A

Official Twitter Handle: @aneventapart

Official Site: https://aneventapart.com/event/chicago-2017

Cost: $$1,045 – $1,340

Relevance Today: Helps to streamline diverse roles within organizational structures – like writers/editors, project managers, strategists and marketers –  to work towards comprehensive and multidisciplinary digital content campaigns

Why You Should Go: This event boasts an “intense” and rigorous agenda – so attend this conference if you thrive in a fast-paced environment. Attendees of this event are typically passionate and deeply connected to their work – sound like you?



Content Marketing World 2017

Location: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Date: September 5-8, 2017

Focus: Content marketing

Conference Founder: CMI founder, Joe Pulizzi

Official Twitter Handle: @CMIContent

Official Site: http://www.contentmarketingworld.com

Cost: All Access: $1,995 (early bird) – $2,495 (on site). Conference: $1,095 (early bird) – $1,495 (on site) Workshops, Industry Labs, and Post_show video Access all have their own pricing lists in addition to the conference.

Relevance Today: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focusing on creating and distributing valuable and exciting content that helps to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – it’s used by the vast majority of marketers these days.

Why You Should Go: The largest content event has over 4000 attendees decent on Cleveland to hear over 200 speakers and mingle with reps from over 550 companies all geared specifically towards implementation of a strategic content marketing plan.


Agents of Change

Location: Portland, Maine, USA

Date: September 15th, 2017

Focus: Search, social and mobile marketing

Conference Founder: Rich Brooks

Official Twitter Handle: @agentsofchange

Official Site: http://www.theagentsofchange.com

Cost: $99 – $179 (early bird)

Relevance Today: Agents of Change is geared towards increasing visibility online and generating more quality leads and business through digital channels and your website.

Why You Should Go: This one-day event can easily be squeezed into the tightest and busiest of schedules, and its minimal price tag is quite reasonable given the exceptional quality of keynote speakers – like Jay Baer and Rich Brooks – and over 15 sessions scheduled for the 2017 edition.



Location: Boston, MA, USA

Date: September 25-28, 2017

Focus: Inbound marketing

Conference Founder: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Sheh, co-founders of Hubspot

Official Twitter Handle: @INBOUND

Official Site: http://www.inbound.com

Cost: $399 – $1,899

Relevance Today: Hubspot is arguably the biggest marketing optimization agency on the planet, and their approach to training, content, branding and education is unparalleled. They know what they’re doing.

Why You Should Go: Well, Michelle Obama is a keynote speaker this year – as well as Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Sheh, co-founders of Hubspot. Then there’s the humanized, personal, inspirational nature of Hubspot and its content marketing principles. Over 19,000 people attended last year.



B2B Marketing Forum 2017

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Date: October 3-6, 2017

Focus: Business to Business marketing

Conference Founder: Ann Handley, Head of Content at MarketingProfs

Official Twitter Handle:

Official Site: http://mpb2b.marketingprofs.com

Cost: $1,495 (conference) – $2,395 (all-access)

Relevance Today: B2B is all about meeting the needs of another business, ultimately through demand for products and services made by your business.

Why You Should Go: If you’re a B2B marketer, this is the conference to attend. Chalked full of leaders, innovators and speakers that want to share the secrets of successful B2B practices through creative workshops, networking, and some reputably great after-hour parties.

SMX East

Location: New York, NY, USA

Date: October 24-26, 2017

Focus: Search Marketing

Conference Founder: Curated by the team at Search Engine Land

Official Twitter Handle: @smx

Official Site: http://marketinglandevents.com/smx/east/

Cost: $399 (bootcamp), $895 (workshops), $1,795 (all access), $2,595 (all access + workshops)

Relevance Today: Search marketing is the biggest area of mobile and digital marketing geared towards immediately implementable actions that drive traffic, convert visitors, and grow businesses.

Why You Should Go: Affectionately referred to as “home” for dedicated search marketers, SMX East is the largest SEM expo available, and doesn’t believe in dumbing down their content – high-level, advanced content is always the focus on SMX East, curated by Search Engine Land, the publication of record for search marketers; they know what they’re talking about.


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