How to Conduct a Buyer Persona Interview

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Do you know that in Great Britain there is a growing number of people who demand the replacement of the original the British national anthem, God Save The Queen, with something more modern and cheerful?

And do you know what they want to replace it? Well, the theme song of the brilliant TV series, Blackadder.

They believe […]

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How to Create a SaaS Marketing Strategy

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In 1923, Australian archaeologist, philologist and European prehistory specialist, Gordon Childe, coined the term Neolithic Revolution, which described the wide-scale change of many human cultures from hunting-gathering to farming.

People realized that agriculture was much more productive than hunting and gathering, and gradually changed their lifestyles.

With the proliferation of the Internet and web-based marketing practices, the […]

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How Marketing Automation Works to Improve Your Sales Process

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Defining Marketing Automation is no easy task – everyone has their own special description of the term that usually encompasses their own specialties, interests and processes – and this is because there are so many ways to implement an automated system to help boost your presence and sales funnel.

The best way to accurately define Marketing […]

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Five Ways Marketing Automation Can Go Terribly Wrong

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Do you know that when Arnold Schwarzenegger won his first Mr. Universe title in 1967, based on his body mass index (BMI), he was clinically obese? Not even overweight but obese!

Athletes all over the world know that BMI is a bogus index and it has nothing to do with reality, but the medical profession was […]

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How To Identify Sales Funnel Problems

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If you ever decide to busy yourself in the majestic art of making sausages in the artisan way, you have two ways.

You grab a large funnel, pull the casing on the narrow end, stuff the meat into the wide end and start squeezing it through the funnel into the casing.

It’s a rather tedious task and […]

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What is Sales Enablement, and How Can It Help Close Deals

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Imagine if you will.

Some unknown car company decides to make the best car in the world, so they buy brakes from Porsche, a gearbox from Ferrari, an engine from Koenigsegg, a chassis from Maserati, a body from Rolls Royce and tires from Pirelli.

And management thinks now the supercar is ready for assembly.

It looks impressive to […]

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What is Thought Leadership and How Does it Help Your Marketing?

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Trust is fundamental in online sales. Is your brand trustworthy?

Many brands ask themselves this question and often come to the realization that they don’t know, or worse… they are losing sales and ultimately even losing the ability to have an audience that hears them.

This is where demonstrating thought leadership and a strong knowledge of the […]

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2017 Marketing Conferences Guide

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Each year digital marketers get to enjoy a round-up of major marketing conferences and events. It’s no secret that the marketing world knows how to throw a first-class event. Chalked full of innovative and captivating keynote speakers, copious amounts of in-depth knowledge, and incredible networking opportunities to build up your identity are just a few […]

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8 Ways RFPs Can Lead Businesses To Their Doom

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Imagine this argument between a procurement agent and a real buyer he represents, as they try to hire a freelance graphic artist to revamp the company’s visual identity.

Procurement agent: Well, based on her qualifications, she’s clearly not qualified for the job.

Real buyer: Why not? Based on her education and portfolio, she is better than any […]

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What Is A Content Calendar and How Can It Make You More Irresistible To Your Market

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What Is A Content Calendar, And How It Can Make You More Irresistible To Your Market

Marketing maven Dan Kennedy is fond of saying:

“The difference between chicken poop and chicken salad is timing.”

And when it comes to content marketing, we have to consider British journalist, musician, broadcaster and the inventor of Franglais, a fictional language, made up of French and English, Miles Beresford Kington’s view on the topic:

“Knowledge is knowing that […]

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