Pallucci Furniture Switches to Riverbed Marketing and Doubles Online Revenue

Pallucci Furniture was founded over 22 years ago, 1992, in Capetown, Africa. The furniture store chain quickly grew to 6 stores, and was expanding quickly. Clive Braude, owner, wanted to expand his market, and utilize his strong connections in wholesaling and warehousing to build his presence in Canada. While he searched for the right local marketing company to help increase presence, he found inbound marketing with Riverbed Marketing to be the best opportunity to differentiate his company in the field and drive traffic.

Pallucci Furniture

About Pallucci Furniture

Pallucci Furniture is a retail furniture brand operating in Vancouver, Canada, focusing on modern and contemporary designs for less.

The Problem

Pallucci Furniture was in a position to grow their company in Vancouver, after moving from Cape Town, Africa. The business model was sound, the product was fantastic and leadership was strong – however there was one significant problem: traffic. Even though the website was built to support online e commerce sales, and was initially optimized for search, Clive and his team could not significantly improve overall search marketing traffic – even after utilizing multiple vendors.

Upon reviewing and analyzing his numbers, Clive discovered:

  • Overall organic revenue was down over a period of 6 months by 7%
  • Cost per acquisition in Adwords was as high as 33% of spend
  • Revenue from search was almost non-existent
  • The website, from a usability standpoint, needed work
  • Campaigns were not being tracked for conversions accurately (a big problem in the industry)

It was time, Clive said, to bring in a local marketing company to help. Later that week, in February 2013, Clive reached out and contacted Riverbed Marketing.

The Solution

After analyzing online traffic statistics, usability, bounce rate and PPC results we quickly determined that most areas of online marketing were under performing. Our strategy was to develop a multi-pronged approach to improve core areas:

  • Rigorously improve on-page and off page SEO campaign focused on entirely remapping the taxonomy and SEO site plan, reducing all internal errors, and building high quality inbound links and citations to the website.
  • Audit and improve all local business accounts in order to increase visibility in Google local +, as well as increasing referral traffic
  • Thoroughly tracking all campaigns by implementing very specific tracking throughout the website, targeting revenue, touch points and goals.
  • All company accounts and associated web-related accounts were audited, fixed and resolved
  • Overhaul and rebuild the entire PPC account to utilize more descriptive AdGroups and keyword clusters

This plan was implemented for the company over the first three months of service, February 1, 2013 through May 1, 2013

The Results

Within a 3 month period, the entire campaign was rigorously tracked for conversions and goals in order to bencmark for results. Here is what Clive found when he re-ran those numbers:

  • A 200% increase in online revenue from organic search alone (SEO)
  • A 15% reduction in the cost per click average in the account over the first 4 months(PPC)
  • An increase in online traffic of 25%
  • An increase of physical store visits and calls of 35%
  • Happier customers and reduced bounces

If you and your brand value integrity, transparency and results like the one above then we would love to start up a conversation with you.

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